Signs that the man had fallen out of love. How you will behave in each sign of the Zodiac

“Let’s just be friends”, suddenly says your only, because yesterday you were sitting arm in arm and discussed how you will live happily ever after!

Ознаки, що чоловік розлюбив. Як буде вести себе кожен знак Зодіаку

What went wrong? We will help you to understand what men of different Zodiac signs and how do you know that he is ready to break off relations, informs Rus.Media.


Impulsive, hot, passionate, he likes to always be on top, looks spick and span and the girl is looking for. If you’re bright, sexy, love fun party and always the center of attention, Aries will surely be interested in you. However, do not rush to give him a positive answer, Aries loves to conquer his chosen. Aries need to be constantly challenged, it stirs up emotions, and the soul requires something new every day. However, he does not tolerate criticism and the rule, girls in relationships, he considers himself an ideal and he doesn’t care about the opinions of others. Do you prefer regular and quiet life? Then Aries quickly lose interest, you will immediately notice how he stopped to admire you, stir crazy ideas. He will stay on the job and will be deleted, and disappear from your life forever. Aries don’t go with the scandal and often keep a good relationship with a partner, but it is not necessary to warm the hope, for it is not more than friendship.


Charming and gentle nature. Able to feel the thin girl and guess the desires in advance, next to him you’ll always feel loved. Modest Taurus has a calm nature, it is difficult for deducing from itself, it rarely goes on first contact, he likes bold and confident girl, able to make the first move. By nature Taurus man, he appreciate home coziness and comfort, believes that the family can only be male, so you should doubt its correctness, be ready to the scandal. Don’t even think about him what to do, he abhors control and will prove to you my point of view, even if it is not correct. Even the Taurus is very jealous. Taurus is very hard to go out of the relationship and trying to find other ways to solve problems, to negotiate, to compromise, but when he realizes that the situation is not corrected in one minute to pack your bags and slam the door. After parting Taurus will disappear from your life completely, for him the gap is too serious injury and he will long to experience it.


Coming to the question of the relationship rationally and never thrown into the deep end. Eloquent, prefers no strings attached, and rarely falls in love. To attract the attention of the Twins, you need to look luxurious and be the center of attention, they love with their eyes. In a relationship be ready to take the initiative, he is happy to support you as easy going and do not tolerate boredom. But you won’t be as behind a stone wall, Twin accustomed to that you’re able to deal with problems. He can not stand scandals, tantrums. Because the Twins are not bound, to leave you will not be easy. He often will disappear without warning, pretend that you not at all care gone. He will quickly forget all that you’ve done together. Only occasionally friends will remember your relationship that have poisoned his life.”


Male Cancer is attractive, it is very secretive and mysterious that attracts girls like a magnet. Appreciate the permanence and stability of inclined to build a serious relationship and doesn’t like frivolous ladies. Cancer likes to feel like the center of attention, find common interests, give him more time and he’ll give you tenderness and love. While Cancer loves an impressionable and sensitive girls. In relations will not tolerate coldness and indifference, criticism. It will not be the scandals, and will gradually withdraw into himself, stops to answer a question that will drive communication to a minimum. However the thought of being alone is so frightening Cancer that most often he returns to his partner and offers to start. Don’t fall for it: having gone one day, Cancer will never find happiness in your relationship.


The Lion is passionate and emotional. He never agrees for anything less, including in the choice of a life partner. Be ready for constant follies, trials and uncontrolled emotions. In addition, lion is necessary for a strong rear, it needs to feel confidence in the partner. You have to go all out to fit its requirements, but it’s worth it. A male lion will do everything, whatever you need, will solve problems, pamper gifts, will shower with caress and heat. Leo does not tolerate ridicule, criticism knocks him out, and if you speak against him, he will seriously think about the breakup. Your beloved will turn into snapper, will become aggressive and will deliberately provoke scandals. He will tell you all that I am, pack your bag and slams the door. From this moment on you’ll cease to exist. Even when a chance encounter on the street, the lion will pretend not to know you, even if deep down he can’t forget.


The virgin a clear and sensible nature. Doesn’t like to rush into adventure and prefer stability in everything. Family home for the virgin the most important thing and even at the first meeting it will start for you to try on the role of hostess. He appreciates practicality, even when choosing a gift always pay attention to the price, a waste not to his taste. If you can’t live on a schedule and spontaneity is your middle name, then our relationship will not develop. It is difficult to understand the reckless spending, it will never break down in search of adventure. Virgo reluctantly leave the relationship, even if they can deliver it discomfort. However, if he finds that the gap is justified, will leave silently, without scandals and other show. Virgin believes that you know what it means and it makes no sense to explain something.


Gallant and polite, so in a few words to describe the man Libra. Next to him you’ll feel like at a magnificent reception in one of the palaces of the 18th century. Neat but fascinating compliments, radiant smile and a playful peek will drive you crazy. While there’s no excess of rigor, he is happy to support the conversation and agree to walk together until morning. Male-Libra is quite flexible and ready to accept your point of view, if only to avoid dispute or scandal. If you are looking for a person who is able to hit his fist on the table, it’s not about the Scales. They don’t like it when you’re trying to teach life, Priscus. Scales very long and hard to part with your partner, for months didn’t make a mistake, it may be worth it to build relationships? Using his natural stealth, the Scales practically do not submit anxiety symptoms, unless you may notice that he became less attentive and more head in the clouds. Are Libra quietly, firmly decision not to return ever.


If suddenly you feel like you’re boring live, go out with a male Scorpio. Passionate and sensual it in one moment can turn into a cold and brooding. Today he invites you to go to Bangkok for adventure, but a second later want to lie down alone on your sofa. However, he attracts girls like a magnet. Scorpios are very fond of experiments, including in bed, with him you can discover new facets possible. In relationships Scorpios hate falsehood and lies, so don’t play with fire, he still will figure you out and will long remember it. Part Scorpions hard for them to accept the fact that it’s over – not an easy task. Most often, they are trying to gently suggest to your partner that they are not satisfied with what is happening. If no action on your part will not be, Scorpio withdraws into himself and slowly plans his future life without you. One day, he will collect the bags and with tears in his eyes going out the door. Most likely, you’ll never see her again, although he will not hold a grudge against you and will remember with a smile.


Positive and energetic character, and with the confidence takes on a new business and make it to the end without losing enthusiasm. Sagittarians always want to know more, have endless energy, attracted to his good nature and simplicity, though sometimes too direct. In relationships, Sagittarius is important to find a kindred spirit. They fall in love easily and strongly as long as their feelings lasted exactly until the moment when he would see the fire in his eyes. But as soon as you want to slow down, he will run to another to continue their bright and unforgettable. You will immediately notice that something went wrong. Your beloved will go on long trips, late returning from work, often go to the bar with friends, in a word, in every possible way to expand their freedom, and with it the gap between you. The shooter will leave when he finally gets bored with you, be sure to warn about the decision in advance and try to make your parting was peaceful.


Calculating and cold sign. Most in life don’t like to waste time. As a rule, the only lover for Capricorn is work. Capricorn has a special eloquence, not giving expensive gifts and not often says “I love you”. But, having said that once his words will not back down. The woman Capricorns appreciate the modesty, thrift, and intelligence. He doesn’t need a freaky lady who is ready at any moment to go to all lengths. If it comes to the gap, for Capricorn it’s a real injury. He rarely takes this step, but if you constantly challenge him, satisfied with the scandals and not considered his opinion, the long time it will not be tolerated. Every day he will increasingly withdraw into themselves, stop paying attention to you, will begin to ignore your requests and eventually offered to leave. Internal intelligence will not allow him to yell at the girl or hidden, without warning, he will try to make a breakup painless for both of you, although he not soon be able to forget you.


Creative person, loves to spend time with friends, charismatic, interesting and caring person. To Aquarius interesting each time to learn something new not only in everyday life but also in love. Fickle, flighty, dreamy, with him never gets boring. If you want Aquarius you noticed, never reveal all his cards, the girl he especially appreciates the mystery and inaccessibility. Be friendly and open. Pay attention, Aquarius quickly gets tired of the monotony and therefore often changes girls like gloves. He can’t stand hysterical that on every occasion debrief, although there may be many. If you keep Aquarius on a short leash and demand a serious relationship, he will flee – only heels sparkle. You will notice that it tries to show its importance, for example, intentionally cause to be jealous or the conversation will note that the chief was again appointed him as a senior on a business trip (and this is not surprising, because he is the only person on whom you can rely…). In other words, Aquarius wants to show how tough guy you lost, and when he, convinced that you surely will regret and suffer, with your head held high will go away.


Hopeless romantics, tender, sensitive Pisces. It is easy to find a common language, they are always ready to support in difficult times and to help you in business. Pisces are very sensitive and emotional nature, connoisseurs. They hardly go to the contact, they like confident and friendly girl and as soon as he’s interested in you, will be on hand. The man-Fish – a great family man, appreciate coziness and comfort, and doted in his beloved. Fish ready to dream about, but it completely ignored the daily hassle, so be prepared to carry home routine for yourself. The man-Fish does not like ridicule and sarcastic comments on his address and if he has to fail, he’ll think you have no place in his world of dreams. You will notice that your partner has become overly-sentimental, is often reviewing old pictures, remember how you met, withdraws into himself. Him the gap is tough, he thinks about you, trying to find the reason why it all went wrong. Fish go without scandals and screaming, being completely confident in the decision.