Silence can save you from stress and disease

Тишина может спасти от стресса и болезни

American researchers have discovered how a person is affected by various noises and music. It turns out that in order to relieve stress, enough just five minutes of silence a day. The results of observations published in .

According to experts, the brain is much better at processing data and “sort” the information received in absolute silence. If you listen to a song and then turn it off, the tune will still “play” in the head, as the cortex continues to function, that is, it creates the illusion of sound. So aktiviziruyutsya memory.

Based on these observations, scientists concluded that the inhabitants of the metropolis more often increased blood pressure, disturbed sleep and triggered the development of heart disease because of the constant noise. At the same time to stress enough just five minutes of peace every day.

Earlier it was reported that the lack of sleep and stress turned deadly.