Simple tips for quick weight loss

Простые советы для быстрого похудения

Many people think that radical weight loss, we need radical change in the diet. But nutritionists said that there are not too heavy for humans changes in diet, which give amazing results.

We can once again disagree with the assertion that man is what he eats. If you want to have a flat stomach with cubes and biceps, then it is necessary not only to work hard in the gym, but to eat foods that promote weight loss and strengthen the immune system. There are simple tips and tricks that allows you to increase the effectiveness of any healthy diet. For example, when you choose your own meals for lunch, then give up fries in favor of salad to increase the fiber content in the diet. Bag of chips replace for the same bag of nuts. Often experiment with peanut butter. Healthy are peanut butter, almonds or cashews, which contain many proteins, minerals and fibers.

Try to replace mayonnaise with natural yogurt in order to use it in sandwiches or to fill different kinds of dishes. The yogurt-less fat and more protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and valuable probiotic. Combine cooked tomatoes with avocado. If you consume meals rich in iron, drink them with orange juice because vitamin C promotes absorption of iron from green leafy vegetables like spinach or broccoli.

Eat fish along with yogurt that contains a low amount of fat. This is especially true of fatty fish like trout or tuna fish. The contained vitamin D allows body to better absorb calcium from the yogurt. When you that prepare a table of any dishes, add the vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, to eventually get more carotene, which in more cooked vegetables than in raw. Make porridge with milk, instead of water, and use for cooking whole grains. This will increase the content of calcium and strengthens bones and teeth.


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