Since the beginning of 2019 in Ukraine entered into force a number of changes: pensions, subsidies and salaries

Selection of materials about what has changed in the country since the beginning of January.

З початку 2019 року в Україні набрала чинності низка змін: пенсії, субсидії та зарплати

In Ukraine since the beginning of 2019, entered into force a number of changes: the monetization of subsidies, increase of pensions the number of pensioners with long experience, as well as increased payments to the military and minimum wage, informs Rus.Media.

On Tuesday, January 1, entered into force the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the beginning of the process of monetization of subsidies for the population.

Monetization implies that the Ukrainians will receive “live” money to pay for utilities.

After New year the minimum wage in Ukraine increased by UAH 450 and now is 4173 of the hryvnia.

In connection with the increase in the minimum wage in Ukraine increased and pensions for people with a great working experience for women and 30 years for men 35 years of age.

Ukrainian military in 2019 will also begin to receive increased payments. In particular, payments for January, soldiers will receive in February.

However, in Ukraine there were also changes that people perceived not so positive. In particular, in some regions of Ukraine from 1 January 2019 to raise tariffs for heat for the population.

According to expert estimates, in Ukraine this year will rise the price of some products. However, the most expensive meat.