Since the beginning of 2019, the poles raised the minimum wage, including for Ukrainians

2019 even nizkokalorina the work of the Ukrainian will receive a minimum of 12 thousand UAH.

З початку 2019 року поляки підвищили мінімальну зарплату, в тому числі і для українців

According to the decree of the Polish government, since the beginning of 2019, the gross minimum wage for all workers in the country will be 2250 PLN (16 550 UAH.) 7.1% (150 PLN) is higher than in the previous year. This means that the employee is the least low-skilled positions will get a “hands on” about 1634 PLN (12 020 UAH. almost three times more than in Ukraine). This was reported by Polish resource Gratka Praca, informs Rus.Media.

In addition to the minimum monthly salaries of the Polish government revised hourly rate from 1st January 2019, the minimum gross rate of 14.7 PLN per hour (100 UAH). That is, clean money the workers will get about 10.7 PLN per hour (73-74).

It is important to note that the statutory minimum wage, both the monthly and hourly, does not apply to civil law contracts. For example, contracts of Commission payment.

Typically, workers that are remunerated on minimum wage, working full-time. However, in the case of underemployment (part time, 1/4 time, etc.) minimum wage will be calculated in proportion to time worked.

Raising the minimum wage will also apply to the calculation of severance payments in case of dismissal of an employee. From 2019, the employer will be obliged to give posebnih not more than 15 times the minimum gross wage, that is 33 PLN 750 (of 248.3 thousand UAH).

It should be noted that the Polish government vigilantly monitors the observance by employers of the established standards. Failure to pay outstanding employee wages, national labour Inspectorate will fine employers for the sum from 1 thousand to 30 thousand PLN.