Singapore: a sharp increase in the number of cases, the sign of a second wave of infections

Singapour: forte hausse du nombre de cas, signe d’une deuxième vague d’infections

Singapore | Formerly erected as a model of struggle against the epidemic, Singapore has identified Friday, nearly 200 new cases of infection with the coronavirus, including a person who has died and is facing a second wave of massive contamination.

The city-State was among the first places on the planet to have detected cases of contamination after the discovery of the virus in China, but had managed to contain the spread thanks to a policy of very strict control and tracing contacts with infected people.

But April saw a peak of local contaminations within the city-State, forcing the government to impose severe measures to which it had until now not been solved, among which the closure of the majority of places of work.

Death and 197 new cases were reported on Friday by the health authorities, bringing the total balance sheet of Singapore at 2108 infections, seven of which were fatal.

The figure, although low compared to other countries, the whole world is nearly $ 100 000 deaths to the novel coronavirus, sounds like a warning : the country must not lower its guard, even when they think they have past the peak of the epidemic, to avoid in a situation similar to that of Singapore.

Many asian countries that had balance sheets to be relatively low in the initial stages of the pandemic are now experiencing a second wave, when their fellow-citizens, exiles, the first time, returning from abroad and réinfectent to new locally the population.

Huge residential complexes that host of workers, south asians have become foci of infections in Singapore, with over 500 new cases appeared on several sites.

The authorities have ordered the quarantine of tens of thousands of workers, and move a large part of them to other districts, in order to avoid a spread larger.

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