Singer Beyonce first told about their miscarriages

Певица Бейонсе впервые рассказала о своих выкидышах

Popular pop diva beyoncé graced the cover of American Elle and frankly told how she managed to endure several miscarriages. This was reported on the newspaper’s website.

It is known that the singer is actively involved in not only performing music, but also fashion business. She recently showed her new collection, which includes clothing, shoes, and jewelry. The joint work of the singer and Adidas will go on sale in January next year.

However, the singer openly spoke not only about their creative successes, but also his personal life. Beyonce admitted that she experienced several miscarriages and this painful experience was a valuable lesson. She realized that before becoming a mother, she needs to learn to take care of yourself and your health. The singer had to take another look at your life and rebuild your body.

By the way, in 2008, Beyonce married American rapper Jay-Z and bore him three children: two daughters and a son.

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