Singer Vitaly Kozlovsky decided to help homeless animals

Певец Виталий Козловский решил помочь бездомным животным

He said this on his page on Instagram, writes

The singer published a photo on which poses with a cat and left the signature under it: “as a child I had a purebred cat, smart and affectionate. Very attached to home, to family. I can’t even imagine how she could survive on the street. Homeless and “tails” there are so many. Ahead of the winter. And, you may affect somebody’s life. If you want to adopt a dog or cat, think it may be the most loyal and faithful friend waiting for you at the animal shelter?”.

Певец Виталий Козловский решил помочь бездомным животным

He also spoke about the social photo — calendar for the year 2020 together with the Pets of the Gostomel shelter for animals, which subsequently will be sent to all the proceeds from the sale of assets.

“The project started in 2017. Since managed to find a new family dozens of homeless animals. Their participation, I want to convey the message of the need to help homeless animals and shelters that are completely unfunded, no budget, no grant organizations, and live, and help solely by people who care. And there are people in our world must become more!” — wrote the singer.

By the way, the page for Vitaly Kozlovsky in Instagram very closely by 76 thousand subscribers.

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