“Sit and idle”: prison learned nothing Kokorin

«Сидим и бездельничаем»: тюрьма ничему не научила Кокорина

The player Petersburg “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin, sentenced to fifteen years in prison, asked to transfer it to the colony. He added that he did not understand why is in jail, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“Prison taught nothing. Sitting here idle, the state money we spent. Would be sent to some correctional work to use was. And hurt a lot of people – our family, friends, team members, fans. Why?” perplexed striker.

While Kokorin added that he personally faced with two prisoners, convicted according to the same article. One of them got 38 days of arrest, and the second went out immediately. The player suggested the two sides “to think about equal justice”.

In turn, Pavel Mamayev, who received one month of imprisonment less than Kokorin, said that he was sorry to part with the inmates.

“Of course, I would like to go out on parole. Want to start early to return home, as miss native. Well, now in a large chamber, guys, interesting, encouraging. It is a pity to leave them be. But I hope they too, will soon be free”, – he said.

Recall that the court issued a verdict in the case of Kokorin and Mamaev 8 may. Later, on appeal, the sentence was changed, but the timing of the court preserved.