Six athletes who went out of their retirement

Six athlètes qui sont sortis de leur retraite

The fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Conor McGregor has once again announced his retirement in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Here are six other athletes who have decided to make a return to the game after being removed for the first time.

Mario Lemieux, NHL

Annoyed by problems at the back, Mario Lemieux announced his retirement at the end of the season 1996-1997. After three seasons of inactivity, he decided however to return to the game in 2000.

In the course of the five seasons that followed, nicknamed the Magnificent has played in 170 games before retiring permanently in 2006. He added 229 points to their tally with this return.

Lemieux had already put his career on mute the first time, missing the entire 1994-1995 season, he was in remission from cancer and who had just been operated on for a hernia at the back.

Brett Favre, NFL

In 2008, quarterback Brett Favre announced that he is retiring after 16 years with the Green Bay Packers. It changes, however, of the idea a few months later, making a comeback with the New York jets.

In total, he played in three additional campaigns with the Jets and the Minnesota Vikings before leaving for good in 2011.

Michael Schumacher, Formula 1

After two seasons without a title in 2005 and 2006, each time beaten by Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher decides to hang up his steering wheel. In 16 seasons, he won seven world champion titles.

In 2010, at the age of 41 years old, he decides, however, to try his luck at Mercedes alongside Nico Rosberg. If he is regularly outpaced by his younger team-mate, yet he is able to ride one last time on the podium on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Europe, in 2012.

The German was finally competed in three seasons of more before to put an end to his career as a F1 driver.

Michael Jordan, NBA

Michael Jordan, a true icon of basketball, has retired three times in the NBA. The first time, in 1993, he took the opportunity to try his luck at baseball. His shift only lasts, however, only a few months since he made a comeback with the Chicago Bulls for the 1994-1995 season.

In 1999, the American decides he has had enough and withdraws. It becomes, however, owns a minority of the Washington Wizards, and in 2001, he returned once again to the action for an additional two years.

Lance Armstrong, cycling

Armstrong announced in 2005 that he puts a term at its career after winning the Tour de France seven consecutive years. It has, however, participated in the famous loop three more, between 2009 and 2011.

Armstrong is still infamous because he doped throughout his career. His seven triumphs have been removed in 2012.

Mohamed Ali, boxing

Shortly after winning for a third time the heavyweight title, muhammad Ali retired in 1979.

He decides, however, to face Larry Holmes in 1980. Completely dominated, Ali has lost when his clan abandoned after the 10th round. Experts agree, moreover, to say that it was a fight too many for the legend.

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