Six friends win $ 9 million to the lotto

Six amis gagnent 9 millions $ à la loto

The six friends retired to the South Shore that have put their hand Wednesday on$ 9 Million earned in the lottery dream now of a cruise.

Several projects trot at the head of the winners of the Lotto 6/49, but the latter, still on the euphoria of gain, have tended to be rather discreet during the press briefing organized by Loto-Québec, on Wednesday.

“I was traveling already, but we will not need to wait for the money. I also want to spoil my daughter and my granddaughter,” said the leader and spokesman of the group, Denis Lecourtois.

“We spoke [to] a cruise all the world together,” specified Robert Girard, adding that he and his friends also wanted to help members of their family.

A band united

If they are thinking of a group travel, it is that they are accustomed to working regularly.

Been retired for 13 years, five of the six were colleagues in a city in the Montérégie region that they have not wanted to specify.

“The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t have to work to be able to let go of [my job]. I’m already retired”, has blagué Mr. Girard.

The six winners also have the habit of breakfast in every Friday morning at restaurant Mikes Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Some even have the habit of taking a vacation together.

“We started playing, we were two couples, but when my wife died, others were added gradually,” explained Mr. Lecourtois.

The couple who was initially played with M. Lecourtois and his late wife, is the one formed of Lisette Matte and Marcel Plant. They are the ones who have found the gain.

Seeing that he won, Mr. Plant remained calm and handed the ticket to his wife.

“I remained very quiet also. I have just validated, and it was true [that we won],” said Ms. Matte.

Continue to play

The fact of walking away with$ 1.5 Million each will not counter their taste for the lottery, according to Mr. Girard.

“We’re going to continue to play. It is certain”, he confirmed, in addition to approve when the host of the event, Yves Corbeil, he stressed that the group had “the happy hand”.

The story does not say, however, they will still use the numbers, Roland Guimond, one of the last to be joined to the group of lottery formed several years ago.

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