Six other women have claimed to have been assaulted by Charles Dutoit

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The conductor Charles Dutoit

Six other women claim to have been sexually assaulted by Charles Dutoit in Canada, the United States and France, including a musician who alleged that the conductor raped her in 1988.


These women say they have been offended, when Charles Dutoit has denied the allegations reported in an article by the Associated Press (AP) published in the last month regarding four cases of alleged sexual assault. The new alleged victims say they also want to show the extent of the inappropriate behavior of the conductor throughout his international career.


These six women alleged that the conductor of swiss origin, was assaulted in Montreal, Paris and the United States over a period of four decades, from the late 1970s.


Through his lawyer, Charles Dutoit has denied “categorically and completely” these new allegations, and he said he was particularly horrified that someone accused of rape.


Eight orchestras of scale have cut their ties with him and at least two have launched their own investigation since the allegations of December.


The leader of the orchestra, has been artistic director of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM) from 1977 to 2002. He resigned after that the Guild of musicians and musicians from Quebec had deplored an offensive behavior and a total lack of respect for the musicians.


The woman who accused the conductor of having raped said that the actions were committed at a time when she was working with Mr. Dutoit in an orchestra on the east coast of the United States. The AP does not publish the names of the people who claim to have been victims of sexual assault without their permission and, in order to protect the identity of the person in this case, the AP does not reveal also the instrument in which this person played, the orchestra in which she worked, or the town where the assault allegedly took place.


Three of his colleagues within the same orchestra have told the AP that the woman had confided in them, following the alleged assault.


One of the women who have recently manifested has told the AP that the Boston symphony Orchestra was in fact the behavior of the renowned conductor and had not acted. The orchestra has refused repeatedly to answer the questions in the AP as to whether the organization had received previous complaints against Mr. Dutoit, a conductor regularly invited to conduct the Boston symphony Orchestra since 1981.


The quebec soprano Pauline Vaillancourt, the musician Montreal Mary Lou Basaraba, soprano French Anne-Sophie Schmidt, the pianist Jenny Q. Chai and Fiona Allan, director of the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre in England, are the five other women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Charles Dutoit in Canada, the United States and in France.


The Duty has not been able to confirm these allegations independently.




The musician, who accuses Charles Dutoit rape was 28 years of age and passed an audition for an orchestra at the beginning of the year 1988, while he was a guest conductor. It is said that they lived in the same hotel and they had taken the elevator together to go in their respective chambers, on the same floor.


“As soon as I entered my room, the phone rang. It was the maestro Dutoit “, she recalls.


She had already heard rumours about inappropriate behaviour of the conductor, but claims not to be thought of when Mr. Dutoit told him that his suitcase was broken and asked her if she had a certain tool that musicians sometimes use to repair their instruments. He invited her to enter when she came to him to bring the tool up to her room, she said, offering him first a drink, which she refused. After only a few minutes, he threw himself on it, ” she says.


“He approached me and tried to kiss me, and he was holding my head so tightly that he ripped off my earring,” says the musician, now in his fifties. “He tackled me to the wall, holding me by the wrists and pushed me on the bed. “


“In a fraction of a second, he had pulled down his pants and he was inside of me even before I could blink your eyes,” she says. She recalled having started to cry, told him to stop and that she was married, but this has made no difference.


When she let slip that she was not using a contraceptive method, it was quickly pushed to the door, it is alleged. “I’m going to find the condoms and I’ll be back “, he would have-he said.


The AP has talked with two musicians of the male sex, who claim that the woman is entrusted to them, immediately after the alleged incident. One of them remembers that she was afraid to be alone and that he had served as a chaperone at concerts that followed. The other said to him, have advised to complain to the police, but that she had not done so. “I was so afraid of never being able to play “, she explained to the AP.


A third man, who joined the same orchestra that her after the assault, alleged said that he had known for years that something had happened with Charles Dutoit, but he had learned the details there was about a dozen years.


All three of these men are expressed under the guise of anonymity to protect the identity of the musician, and also because they are always working as professional musicians and are fearful of reprisals in the middle.


At least one complaint of sexual harassment in Montreal

Recall that the direction of the OSM was confirmed on the 23rd of last December it had received a complaint of sexual harassment against her former artistic director, Charles Dutoit.


An investigation had been opened. We still don’t know if the same complaint had been made to the police.


The MSO had said as early as 21 December, the day of the first revelations of the agency Associated Press, that the years Dutoit would be spent under the magnifying glass.


Mr. Dutoit has been artistic director of the OSM from 1977 to 2002. He left in the middle of a conflict with the musicians, who openly accused of psychological harassment.

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