Six tips on how to deal with anxiety

Шесть советов, как бороться с тревогой

Active worrying thoughts do not give nor eat, nor sleep, nor to live fully. They are the state of mind that makes you focus solely on problems. And we need to do something.

You know the sleepless nights and endless thoughts about how was your day at work? You spend the whole day rehearsing the upcoming meeting, an important event, a quarrel with someone. The idea then seamlessly switches to a loved one, or concern for children.

If you are overwhelmed by a permanent disturbing thoughts, it is not necessary to hide from them. Or to prevent myself from worrying. This, unfortunately, will not help. Rather, it will produce the effect of accumulation. Better enter a rule 20 minutes until, until we get rid of this condition. The rule provides that you can worry 20 minutes a day at designated times. And no more.

To withdraw from your life of unnecessary anxiety, listen to the following tips:

Do not dramatize. In the excitement of the ending is always bad, but in reality — just no. Also worry. But don’t succumb to an anxiety disorder, those who can control their actions. Let the excitement will only feeling.

Humble. Because uncertainty exists. That is the situation, the outcome of which we do not know. The alarm is completely useless.

Imagine that you are not afraid. What I’m afraid is usually. Global warming, the dismissal of the imaginary illness of someone close to you. Way of thinking and behavior are interrelated. Get yourself a nice little rituals or family traditions, to preserve the stability in this shaky world.

“Run away” from stress. In the literal sense. Three time workout or Jogging in a week, and the level of stress in the body significantly reduced.

Don’t underestimate yourself. Any challenge is a chance to prove themselves. There is a problem — make a list of possible solutions, instead of to sit and be nervous.

Get busy in the shower. Work, Hobbies, travel. In this world exactly is what is interesting for you.

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