Six years of independence. As Zelensky changed the perception in society of the “revolution of dignity”

Шесть лет Майдану. Как Зеленский поменял восприятие в обществе «Революции достоинства»

To honor the memory of the Maidan last year came a few dozen people. Photo “Censor”

Ukraine celebrates the sixth anniversary of the Euromaidan – protests cool pomenyav life of the country.

The meetings, which gathered 21 November 2013 for the signing of the Association agreement with Europe (hence the Euromaidan) quickly degenerated into a revolution against President Viktor Yanukovych, which ended with the seizure of power by the leaders of the protests – Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, Parubiy and others.

But with it agree not all. After the flight of Yanukovych in the cities of South-East continued Antimaydan. Which ended with the departure of the Crimea by Russia and a war in Donbas between supporters and opponents of the new Kiev authorities. The latter was supported by Moscow supplying weapons and military experts.

In fact it was a continuation of the Maidan by other means. The confrontation was transferred from Kiev to Donbass and became even more bloody.

Another consequence of the Maidan – a sharp drop in the standard of living of people. The new government first inflated prices for utilities and the collapse of the hryvnia stronger than during the crisis of 2008-2009. The first two years after independence (2014-2015) social benefits were practically frozen.

All this, of course, the passage of time degenerated into a very pessimistic sociology. Even well-known supporter of the “revolution of dignity” Vladimir vyatrovich this spring acknowledged that Ukrainians are disappointed with the values of the Maidan.

“Country” is understood, what has changed in the perception of the Euromaidan over the last year – the year of the change of power in the country.

What surveys

For the six-year anniversary of the Euromaidan not come out yet any solid studies about the attitude of Ukrainians to the Maidan now. No such measurements and to last year’s anniversary – the fifth godovye the “revolution of dignity”.

An exception may be only the study of a little-known platform of “Socioinform” in April 2019, which ordered “the national Museum of the revolution of dignity” and presented the head of the Institute of naramata viatrovych.

However, this study did not record the current attitude of Ukrainians to this event. It only aperuit to the past: 49% of respondents said that they believed the Euromaidan struggle for their rights. That is, characteristically, not even the majority. This will sovpadaet with public opinion polls that were conducted during the Maidan, which recorded the division of society in relation to this event (roughly the same numbers – plus-minus 45% for and against independence).

Another study of the “Socis” conducted in the spring of 2018 showed that 83% of respondents would refuse now to go to the Maidan: 63% generally would not support it, 20% would support “myself”, but on the street would not have happened.

However, the study in question is not actually about independence, and some “protest”. But in General, this result can be extrapolated in relation to the Euromaidan.

This is quite a significant figure, but it is certainly not enough to understand the real attitude of Ukrainians to the “revolution of dignity”. And why support of the protests so declined. After all, life in Ukraine was frankly worse. However, the technology of the Maidan in Ukraine this year frankly stalled. In Ukraine, for example, had a very tense election in which no party was able to stake out a street and make it truly massive. What happened?

See, Poroshenko and the Maidan

Zelensky victory in the elections – parliamentary, presidential – has itself become a giant opinion poll. Where the population is, in fact, voted for a reversal from the series of “gains of independence”, which was only negative.

It is primarily about the war in the Donbass and the fall of the country into poverty. The people voted and against other consequences of the “revolution of dignity”: the dominance and impunity of nationalists Ukrainianization of de-communization.

All this candidate Zelensky mercilessly trolls in his series “servant of the people”, and this gained such popularity.

Interestingly, the figure of the “Socis” about 80% of the opponents of the new Maidan roughly coincides with the level of presidential support Zelensky, who took the election in the spring of 75% of the votes.

In fact, opponents see and say what’s on his victory in Ukraine began creeping antimaydan and even “revenge”. However, the new President, we will note, any reason for this in fact does not. He’s plus-minus is pursuing the same policy as Poroshenko.

And so there is just no reason for polarization of the society into certain camps, which laid the Foundation of a new Maidan. That showed, by the way, the recent protests against the “surrender” in the Donbass – which until independence very far.

Moreover, the fact that a significant number of “people of Maidan” under the slogans of the Maidan and the first years of the war (“no surrender”, “away from Russia”, “do not let revenge of Yanukovych’s people”) started a protest against Zelensky, who still supports the majority of the population, to a large extent, these slogans desacralized in the eyes of the majority of the population.

Even the part that the Maidan and supported the war (and among supporters see a lot of these). But when the nationalists in Gold with slogans that have previously seemed “sacred,” pounce on Zelensky, the sympathy of the majority of people on the side of the President.

And Maidan supporters increasingly in the eyes of mainstream society into a sect of troublemakers.

Zelensky political force that he exploits the nostalgia of people for a normal, peaceful life, where most inhabitants lived before the Maidan. He himself, as head of the “Quarter,” was part of this life.

And now he acts as a “conductor” who leads the Ukrainian citizen from the “independence agenda” to “agenda for peace”.

But for the most Zelensky on this path lies a serious contradiction. Exploiting nostalgia for a normal and peaceful life, he has not yet achieved its implementation in reality. Such a life cannot be without a final settlement of the conflict in the Donbass and without restoring order in the country.

Before, and to another far away. On the contrary, recent scandals show that even within the government team growing contradictions, administrative chaos and mess. Society still lives on the President, but the resource that hope is not infinite.

And if Zelensky will not be able to respond to the request of people about the world and about restoring order, it will be the beginning of the end for him and for his team. The society will look for other leaders who will be able to do what he promised, but couldn’t do see. Those leaders who will be able to get back what was taken from Ukraine’s Maidan 6 years ago – peace and order.


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