Sky News: it is impossible to “continue to hold the country to ransom” — Johnson has called for early parliamentary elections

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to put to the vote of the British Parliament the question of General elections, reports Sky News. The Party of the liberal Democrats and the Scottish national party intends to change the law for elections on 9 December.

Sky News: нельзя «продолжать держать страну в заложниках» — Джонсон призвал к досрочным парламентским выборам

Boris Johnson reiterated his call for the holding of General elections, warning members of Parliament that they can’t continue to hold the country hostage. And probably he will succeed. The liberal Democrats have announced that they will join forces with the Scottish national party will advocate changing the law so that the vote could take place on 9 December. Us live from Westminster leaves the Sky News correspondent Nick Martin. What does that mean? NICK MARTIN, correspondent , Sky News: Potentially the day could be another control day. The liberal Democrats and the Scottish national party are committed to holding the elections on 9 December. And such interference on the part of parties that actively opposed breccia, very interesting. They insist on amendment of the Act fixed the term of office of the Parliament to include December 9 as the new date of the General election. According to them, this bill requires a simple majority of votes. This could be the way out of the predicament in which, as we have seen, was the Parliament. Because Boris Johnson intends to hold a vote on the question of General elections on Monday. However, under the current provisions of the Act fixed the terms of office of the Parliament, for this he will need the support of two thirds of parliamentarians. Thus, such interference by the liberal Democrats and the Scottish national party may play into the hands of the Prime Minister. If the parties fail to achieve the purpose of elections on 9 December, approximately on Tuesday 29 October, the bill will be considered, then 31 October, on Halloween, the day when we were to leave the EU, it will receive Royal assent. Then Parliament will be dissolved and will begin a 25-day election period*, and on 9 December will be held a General election. Let’s see how events will develop. Last week said it may be another plan by Boris Johnson, in case on Monday if his efforts are not justified. Let’s see what will happen next. At the same time, Boris Johnson increases rhetoric, increases the pressure on the Parliament. Today, he addressed the Parliament with the following words on breccia: “the Parliament cannot continue to hold the country hostage. Millions of businesses and people can’t plan their future, this omission causes actual damage, and the country needs to move forward in 2020”.Probably, the liberal Democrats and the Scottish national party quit the Prime Minister a lifeline. It’s definitely not good for the labour party, which defeated the rest of the party together in search of ways to conduct General elections, in order to find a solution to the impasse on brexia.

Date of broadcast October 27, 2019.

* As stated in the original (approx. Inotv).

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