Sleep at the wheel: when there is a break in the road

Try to take your eyes off the road to the instruments, and then bring it back on the road.

Сон за кермом: коли варто перепочити у дорозі

Five objective signs that the brain is turned off, informs Rus.Media.

You notice the time of blinking

This is the most clear and unambiguous criterion. Try to remember the time when you last blinked? That’s the same! The fact that in a normal state, a person does not notice the moment when blinking. How quickly this happens that just do not pay attention. But when it becomes clear, that we are talking not about the usual twink, but about the beginning of the trip – immediately to the curb!

The illusion

In this state, the driver did not immediately defines what he sees before him. Is this figure, whether the pole or the shadow… from Afar things seem to be something one, and at the approach or be something completely different or disappear altogether. It’s the edge stage: eyes open, but the brain has no time to handle all incoming information – he’s already asleep!

Vision does not have time to focus

Try to take your eyes off the road to the instruments, and then bring it back on the road. What was the mileage? Again: instant-on appliances, and back on the road. In the normal condition of eyesight time to readjust, and everything is perfectly visible. But if you get sleepy, eyes become glass, the eye does not have time to adapt to the conditions, it becomes impossible to cast the units with just one cursory glance, and immediately see the necessary evidence.

Too lazy to strain your brain.

Try to multiply 18 by 3. In the normal state is not a problem. But the person who falls asleep is not something that would be difficult… he does not want to. Too lazy to even start. For the same reason, too lazy to talk. Because you have to strain to keep in mind the thread of the conversation, to find the words.

Сон за кермом: коли варто перепочити у дорозі

By the way, any verbal communication, well overload the brain, so first: who is chatting – he did not sleep; and secondly, if the cabin got very quiet, then soon all cut down. At this point, too, it is time to stop, although it seems that you can still go. Most invigorates not just empty talk, but talks on some exciting topics, whether it’s sex, politics or any holivar. So stocking up on the track ill subjects.

Minor violations

Two or three times in a row I forgot to switch in the middle? Time to stop and sleep. Can’t remember the last road sign? And the last but one? In any way? To sleep! Stopped at a flashing yellow? On the green? Well, you know…

And bonus rapid test for the passenger as an unobtrusive check of the driver for signs of drowsiness. The point is that it is useless to ask him: “am I Hearing you right?”. The answer will always be: “fine.”. But, it is necessary to ask him any questions which require thought or care. For example: “where are we now? What kind of settlement passed?”, or “How long do we have to…”, and even better something more complex, like: “what do you think is better to give <name of mutual friend> on your birthday?”. And if the answers seem too simple or inadequate – it’s time to switch with a driver.

In General, the main rule: the brain doesn’t turn off immediately, it turns off gradually. Like a computer, the first works 100%, then 50%, then 25% and then BAM – already hanging. Quite possible to catch the transition from 100% to 50%, if you know what to look for and how to check. And look have any and too lazy to check yourself for retardation of consciousness.

And the question still remains: if I can control myself enough for a safe drive long distances alone? Honestly, not sure. The catch in the fact that, together with the blunting of consciousness, and dulled sense of fear. That is, you realize that fall asleep all the criteria of a healthy person, you have, in fact, on the verge of death, and understand that, but you in all this time not afraid! Because the brain is already almost asleep. And think: “Hey, let’s travel XX km to the nearest XXX, and there and sleep/be changed.”

Take care of yourself.