Sleep from Thursday to Friday: its interpretation

Try to get rid of negative thoughts caused by unpleasant dreams.

Сон з четверга на п&#039ятницю: його тлумачення

For most cultures around the world dreams always were and will be something unusual. People throughout history have attempted to explain their origin. Even in the age of science and technology, it is believed that dreams are not random, informs Rus.Media.

There are many dream books, whose task is the interpretation of dreams. In almost all cultures, dreams from Thursday to Friday are considered special. They reveal the truth and can warn of the future or explain the past. They are called prophetic dreams.

What is prophetic dreams

First, let’s say that they don’t always come true. All people are different. Even experts in the field of esoterics and dream books can’t say for sure what a dream come true. It is important to trust the feelings and not allow your fears to take over a top.

Psychologists say that most of the bad premonitions come true because people tend to believe in bad. All the people are afraid of something, and fears the greatest impact on our consciousness, changing it. In science, this effect is called nocebo – when thoughts lead to something bad.

If you go back to the esoteric, here can also work the principle of “bad attracts bad”. You need to be able to ignore the negativity and not dwell on what a bad dream come true, and to try to understand the hidden meaning or a message encrypted in it.

What are prophetic dreams and what they mean

If Thursday and Friday you have troubles and problems, conflicts and disease, experts recommend a more cautious approach to solving problems. Such dreams can have family problems and love or at work. After a bad prophetic dream should be careful with statements: it is desirable to exercise maximum caution and to follow the rules on the road to dress warmly and not to get involved in adventures.

If you saw in a dream a dangerous man, the next couple of days it is better not to trust strangers and unfamiliar faces. Such dreams come true very often.

Good dreams from Thursday to Friday can increase your self-confidence. On the one hand, it’s good, but it is important that confidence does not turn into recklessness. Good dreams come true more often than bad, but to rely on luck and lose self-control impossible.

When the same prophetic dream is not the first time, this suggests that his story can be partially transferred to real life. Such dreams from Thursday to Friday is especially important. They can show not only the future but also a sense of the past.

Love dreams from Thursday to Friday dreams to a large fortune. Even if in these dreams there are some inconsistencies with reality and problems, they are still positive. They do not guarantee success in the amorous sphere, but telling us that a change for the better.

How to call a prophetic dream

Before sleep must read special a conspiracy: “I Ask the heavens and the Moon and the night and the universe is infinite to give me the vision to see the future, past and present. Want to know how to do, how to do this. Mother nature, give me strength to learn and change my future.”

To see in a dream something to do with love field, it is possible to put under her pillow the photo of a loved one. To learn something about money would help the coin under the pillow, and about health will tell energy the cold water. You need to put a glass of water next to the bed.

Many experts in bio-energy point out that most prophetic dreams on a full moon night. If the full moon falls on the night of Thursday to Friday, the probability to see such a dream increases. Follow lunar calendar to always be aware of which phase of the moon are relevant.

How to neutralize negativity from a bad dream

If you had or keep having the same bad dream, it is possible to neutralize the negativity in several ways. First, it helps the energy of the Water element. Contrast shower in the morning removes energy and makes a person faster to tune in the desired fashion.

A good way of meditation. So, when you need in a seated position close the eyes and imagine how do you feel about far, far away, on another planet or in the vast snowy wastelands. Feel like you are dependent on what is happening around you. You are the masters of their own destiny and life. You need to get into that feeling.

Affirmations throughout the day will also be helpful. If you believe that any dreams from Thursday to Friday true, you may incorrectly program yourself to failure. Positive attitudes will help to expel the virus program of your consciousness. The method is very effective, but requires persistence. Tell yourself often that you are happy that the universe is on your side and that all is well, as ever, it’s pure truth.

Try to get rid of negative thoughts caused by unpleasant dreams. A person can get lost in negative emotions, because they are similar to the whirlpool. Avoid them to always stay happy.