Sleeve: By accident, a man slice the throat with a cutter on a construction site

A man of 44 years old was killed with a disk cutter on a construction site in the Channel (Illustration) — Elisa Frisullo / 20 Minutes

A man lost his life this Tuesday, October 10, on a site located in La Haye-Pesnel, in the English Channel (
Normandy). The victim, aged 44 years, is decided to the throat with its grinding, relays The Channel Free.

Work on the drinking water network

The man, employed by the Saur, a company operating, engineering and construction of pipelines, carried out works on the potable water network. It was with an employee of the municipality and two other people in a subcontracting company.

The incident occurred at around 15 h while he was working in a trench with a grinder. He is mortally wounded in the throat. If the fire department and the Ambulance are promptly responded, they were unable to revive him.

Witnesses in a state of shock

The witnesses of the tragedy, in a deep state of shock, were taken care of by a cell of psychological support. The inspection of the work and the gendarmes were also present at the scene of the accident for verification.

The victim lived in the town of Trelly in the English Channel and was the father of three children.

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