Slow start to the season for camping

Départ timide de la saison du camping

Even if the campers are becoming more and more apparent, it seems that this season of camping has nothing to do with those that have taken place in the past.

“At a time when we speak, we are always in the grand mode of catching up. The occupancy rate of the end-of-week of 13 June was significantly lower than that in 2019, for the vast majority of the campsites,” says the chairman and ceo of Camping Québec, Simon Tessier.

“To the end of the week that is coming, in the framework of a preliminary survey that we have done with our members, we are allowed to believe that half of the campsites will show an occupancy rate lower than last year.”

Despite appearances, all is not yet very well in the world of camping. “There is a false perception of reality that is currently like what the campsites are lucky, that everything goes well for them. This is not the case. Yes, it will go well. It really is too early to draw conclusions.”

According to the expert, the data are very uneven. In some corners of Quebec, things are going rather well, whereas elsewhere, campsites are in significant decline. It isn’t really an explanation for these surprising results.

Marketing review

Now that the displacements are much easier between the regions, Mr Tessier explained that the need for his body to reconsider its marketing.

“With the lifting of the barriers, we need to change our tack, and act quickly to inform the campers. The déconfinement is done more quickly, making access to the various campgrounds easier. However, I look forward to see what will look like the season to end.”

The expert encourages now the campers to quickly prepare for their next stay. “Enthusiasts who, in the past, complained that in January, everything was full everywhere for their choice of holiday need to understand that this season, this is not the case. There are beautiful opportunities everywhere.”

With the heat that we know, it may be that access to water is difficult. At the time of writing these lines, the beaches were not yet open.

“I believe that it is necessary to have confidence because things are changing very rapidly, We have made requests to the public health for the opening of the beaches on the land that do not have the means to give access to water to their campers to cool off. It is important to understand that nearly 300 campsites do not have pools, but the beaches. They can’t open their beach, simply. We are afraid that some bathers go outside the camp or within the limits of the range. It is certain that the owners will monitor the people and deny them their beach, except that they can go further. The risk of an accident is always important when there is no supervision.”

The seasonal

Even if there are important differences come to the campsite now and the one that was practiced in the earlier years, Mr. Tessier remains optimistic.

“We’re going to shoot better than some sectors. Our entrepreneurs are resilient since the onset of the crisis. They can also rely on data that others don’t have, and the campers on a seasonal basis. They help you to keep a part of revenue.”

Before ending the interview, the specialist is required to serve this warning to the campers.

“Usually, a part of the population of Quebec leaving to the United States and the other provinces for their holiday, often camping. The volume of campers is expected to increase as the sales by the local Wall Tent Shop has also increased. I strongly advise people to book in advance, as quickly as possible, once the vacation dates will be set.”

To this we must add that the dealers of recreational vehicles have a very important craze for their products, since people know they will not be able to leave Quebec for their summer vacation.

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