Slowdown devices: Apple apologizes and drops the price of the battery replacement

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The reduced price of the batteries will be applied from the end of January and until December 2018.

San Francisco — Apple introduced Thursday to apologize for having deliberately slowed down some of its iPhones to compensate for the ageing of their stack and has dropped the cost of replacement thereof.


“We know that some of you feel they have been duped by Apple. We present our apologies. There has been a lot of misunderstanding about this and we want to clarify and inform you of some changes that we do, ” said the company in a press release.


“In the first place, we have never been, and never will do any thing to shorten intentionally the life of an Apple product or reduce the quality of our products to get them to change it,” says apple.


Apple had admitted there was a week to slow down voluntarily the older models of the iPhone, in order to protect these smart phones, which had revived the debate, in France, on the planned obsolescence of electronic devices.


Following complaints of recent users stating that their iPhone became slower with time, and tests were relayed in the press, Apple had acknowledged that it was fenced voluntarily, the performance of the phone in order to “extend the life” of it and prevent it from switching off for no reason.


The group announced on Thursday that it would reduce the cost of replacement of batteries for its iPhone 6 from 79 to 29 u.s. dollars when the warranty period thereof has expired. This reduced price will be applied from the end of January and until December 2018.


It has also announced that it would publish in early 2018, an update of its operating system that will provide iPhone users with better information about the state of their battery to provide the replacement.


A French association, to Stop the planned obsolescence (HOP), has filed a complaint against Apple accusing it of having ” put in place a comprehensive strategy of planned obsolescence to increase sales “. The group is also the subject of complaints for the same reasons in the United States.

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