Small wooded area, but big interest of elected officials and proponents of Laval

Petit boisé, mais gros intérêt d’élus et de promoteurs de Laval

Andrea Valeria

Councillor David De Cotis does not deny being spoke on the topic of the development of the area where he owns land, but he swears to have done so in good faith.

Joined by our Bureau of investigation, he said being involved in the record solely to help citizens in furthering their requests to the City, without worrying about the fact that this could have a financial impact on its properties. “Maybe I talked about it, but I never imposed my authority as vice-chairman of the executive committee or as member of a municipal council in this project “, has he hammered.

Ditto for the discussions that he admits to having had about the development of the sector with the father of the councillor Isabella Tassoni, the builder Giuseppe Tassoni, who would like to conduct the real estate development.

“But I’ve never taken these discussions that we have had to push my authority as elected. ”

In addition, Mr. De Cotis said to have told the chief of staff to the mayor that he owned land in the area during his discussions with him. On the ground that he has not declared officially to the City, it would be an error of transcription. He is said to have declared another field, without intending to, over the last few years.

“Happy to learn”

His party colleague Action Laval Isabella Tassoni also pleads innocence. The one who is a councillor for more than two years indicated that she did not know that she was instructed to report rapidly any change in his financial situation.

“To this day, it still takes time and time again that I request two times to assure me that the have filled [the forms] […]. A chance for you to have said “, she commented.

This ensures that it is errors and that all his statements are now up to date.

She also claimed not to be aware of the real estate development projects of his father, invested in the purchase of land in Laval by itself, ” as a young girl of 30 years who wants to start his life “.

Finally, in regard to the land that it purchased last winter shortly before her father was given the green light to do real estate development, it would be a coincidence.

“I didn’t even know that the development was going ahead. Thank you for the good news. ”

She also indicated that she withdraws whenever issues involving his family are mentioned in the municipal council.

Isabella Tassoni

Who is she ?

  • Councillor for Laval-des-Rapides from 2017, she is the daughter of a builder, Joseph Tassoni, who has lobbied the City of Laval for the real estate development.
  • Ms. Tassoni has two courses in the area, which have been duly reported. One of them has been offered by his father in march 2016, a month before his real estate development project in the vicinity of the park of Lyon, is deemed to be admissible by the City. The project is still under analysis.
  • His brothers are also owners of land in the vicinity. In total, his family owns a dozen lands near and to the north of the area shown in the satellite image below.

The accusations against him

  • Ms. Tassoni was elected in November 2017. Yet, she has not declared his interest in a property management firm, Terra Bella Investment, before December 2018. It is a shareholder since 2011.
  • She also waited 10 months before reporting the purchase of land located a little to the north of the area that you see on the image in the mortise above, so that any change must be reported to the City within 60 days. These lands have been acquired, with his brother in February 2019. A month later, a company of which his father is a shareholder concluded a first agreement with the City in view of a real estate development in this sector.

David De Cotis

Who is he ?

  • Founder of the Movement in laval, it is he who has recruited Marc Demers as a candidate for mayor. He has been vice-president of the executive committee from 2013 to June 2018, before being relieved of his duties by the mayor Demers. He is an adviser to Saint-Bruno.
  • In addition to his residence, his wife and/or he are the owners of four lots in the sector, acquired in 2003 and 2017.

The accusations against him

  • Not have mentioned the land behind his residence in the declaration of interests that all elected residents must fill out each year.
  • Intervened on several occasions in the development of the district in which is located his residence and its grounds, without a mention of his interest.

Our Bureau of investigation has obtained some of the documents that have been submitted to the police in this folder.

For example :

In 2014, citizens were agitating for the connection of municipal services into the wooded area near the park in Lyon, which would have allowed the development of the land. Mr. De Cotis was sent to the mayor’s office to do the follow-up to the request of his neighbors, not to mention that it is also possessed of the lands, according to this screenshot from the internal system of the Hotel de Ville.



In an email sent to the City in 2018, a real estate agent laval claims to have met David De Cotis on this subject. It also refers to a meeting between the latter and the chief of staff to the mayor Demers, Gilbert Gardner, for the same folder. At that time, Cotis is the vice-president of the executive committee.



In 2019, in an email sent to a member of the municipal council, the chief of staff to the mayor, Gilbert Gardner, says the adviser spoke to him without mention of his interest.