Smart electronics Tesla saved the driver from an unfair penalty

«Умная» электроника Tesla спасла водителя от несправедливого штрафа

In the USA the owner of a Tesla Model 3 tried to impose a fine for an offense he did not commit.

A policeman stopped the owner of the electric vehicle because he allegedly turned, forgetting to turn on the Blinker.

American with prosecution disagreed. Using system TeslaCam he was able to prove his innocence. But of all these things told on his page on Twitter.

It is known that the motorist turned left in the truck, and immediately after a maneuver he was stopped by a policeman, accusing that he has not included the turn signal.

The dispute was settled by the entry with TeslaCam, where the reflection on Board of a pickup truck is clearly seen that the turn signal Tesla Model 3 has been activated. This demonstration helped the owner of a Tesla to avoid the penalty in 171 dollar.

We will remind, in the TeslaCam includes a large number of cameras that actively uses the autopilot system. However, they have another important function – the recording mode of the DVR, which is constantly. As a rule, obtained in this mode, the material helps the owners of Tesla electric cars to find those who cuts them on the road or spoil the car in the Parking lot.

Similar function with system Tesla Sentry Mode: it reacts to movement and noise, and starts to record everything going on outside.

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