Smartphones “spy” for the owners: how does it happen

A number of the applications that are used on modern smartphones may, without the consent of the owner to take screenshots of your screen or record video of the action to transfer them to third persons.

Смартфоны «подглядывают» за владельцами: как это происходит

This is indicated by the results of a study of a group of scientists at northeastern University in the US, which tested about 17 thousand popular Android apps.

First, scientists wanted to find out whether the program audio from microphones, mobile devices, and do not convey whether they are audio files on third-party domains.

To catch the smartphones in the collection of this information was not possible, but the researchers do not claim that the applications never eavesdrop. The results of testing using automated tools may differ from the actual experience of live users.

However, it was discovered other suspicious application activity. Some of them took pictures of the screen and recorded all user actions on the video. Made files are then sent to third-party domains.

One such application was a grocery delivery service GoPuff who recorded the video screen and gave it Analytics company Appsee.

Initially such acts in the privacy policy of the program said nothing, but after treatment researchers to developers of user information was a paragraph about a possible gathering of “personally identifiable information”.

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