SMES lacking in the face of the recovery after the containment

Les PME dépourvues face à la reprise après le confinement

Perplexed by the multitude of government assistance programs initiated, and then changed, since the beginning of the crisis ? You are not alone. This is why conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec are launching a free program to help SMES find their way.

Delivery canadian emergency Delivery canadian students, wage premium, with temporary layoffs, refusal of work… since the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus six weeks ago, this is a whole set of new programs and concepts that had to find workers and employers.

Not easy to find when you’re a small business, especially if there are no human resources expert among its employees.

“Many small organizations feel helpless. It is difficult to get reliable information, because everything changes. This is why we were looking for a way to help these employers, ” explains the director general of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec (CRHA), Manon Poirier.

As of Monday, the Order will, therefore, Support HR, an initiative of twinning between professional HR and a company wishing to obtain advice in human resources management.

Free Consultations

It will be enough to fill out a simple form on the website of the Order for a consultant – nearly 75% of the CRHA du Québec are women – to respond within 48 hours with the requested information and some practical advice.

These consultations are free of charge, thanks to the participation of “a few hundred” members of the Order.

The College has also created a document that is continually updated since 12 march, in which we find a overview of the assistance programs for businesses and their workers. The tool would have been downloaded more than 150,000 times since.

“It does not respond to every specific case, but in 80% of cases, this has helped to shed light on our members,” says Ms. Poirier.

Tsunami of questions

Geneviève Bouchard is part of the counselors who responded to the call and participate to Support HR.

With his team, the director of human resources of six shops, including Boutique 1861, and The Little Boyish, went through the whole range of emotions for the past six weeks. It was therefore important to share what she has learned with other companies.

“Whenever we have an announcement of government, it creates literally a tsunami of questions. But the more it advances, the more it is necessary to think of the “after”-coronavirus, in the way that we are going to remind the people laid off, the health measures to be put in place such as the installation of plexiglas panels, individual protections, etc., This is a hand important. ”

It is a lot of emphasis on the human aspect of this crisis.

“A human crisis to which we must respond in a humane manner. “

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