SMN climate hit on turistichni halos in the Alps

Зміни клімату вдарили по туристичній галузі в Альпах

Paviment temperature contributed to ruynuvan hundred grigolini kurortu in the Alps
Sandman grillin pliance I troinova hotel — TSE some z rectv turistichno ndustr, spochatku Yak filled and potim left Alpi together with cement, staletime cables, Parking lots, Besley Shelomi. From P month to Fro, je sun pomenutih grigolini kurortu in Tel. Dolce narowal 186 in 2011 year, number, Yak, imore have viroslo vdod. More Tepl of zimi I more korotk lien of sezoni joined in s I Paganini Investicni high eksploatacyjnej vitratni contributed pavlini sagebiel Malich I serednih grigolini Kurort
Ostan Vier rocky Buli in nicekatie in, and Grcic Rioni especially Shilin to SMN climate: skin 1C paviment temperature on running vdova pmviding 2C in the Alps
Forecasts vchenih z ETH Zurich, till 2050 the rock temperature in Svejcar tbilisisa 2.5 and 4.5 ° C, and analogy situation occurs nsic in the Alps
Z such predictions into the future grigolini kurortu for more niskich visoth STA straight ahead, Ben wyznaczeni, I ti, hto really Vigia, vimochan all more pokladalosya on Stucki SNG. “In this liinamo SEZON view from the past the rock to a fierce, blesst grigolini Kurort pracowali mayzhe viklyuchno zavdyaki piece sngw” — said Francesco Pastorelli s mineralno Commission s Zahist of the Alps ( Cipra ). “TSE got ocheviden nalci Yak for navkolishn of seredovischa, so I for econome stycast grigolini kurortu.”

Divalign the panorama of the Alps Smylie, and now the bili Yazici piece snhu prataglia through Govt Luke. Lizhnyky chiquutita to cargo dwellers spustiti for Shiloh, pieces snhu middle green pagarba. Little hto of them Rozum, Yak expensive are Robit Stucki SNG, that costo 3-5 Euro per cubic meter. Italy got of about 4,000 km of ligny tras, I for rakhunok of pokrittya h ptoblem snom becoming up to €500 million skin season

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