Smoker’s cough — 7 ways to reduce the effects of Smoking

Кашель курильщика — 7 способов уменшить последствия курения

After 5 years of Smoking, as a rule, develop smoker’s cough, which is especially bothering in the morning. In fact, this cough is useful, and it cleared the lungs from harmful substances. The process of getting rid of a cough can also be expedited if introduced into the diet of appropriate food and drinks.

Smoker’s cough — what it means and how useful

The best way to get rid of this cough, this is of course to quit Smoking. Sometimes only two or three months of abstinence from cigarettes to feel significant improvement.+

There are General guidelines for smokers. For example, to eat more spicy foods, as it helps reduce swelling of the respiratory system, and clears lung tissue from foreign substances. Together with the refusal of bad habits, it would be good to make some changes in diet. Certain products will help to purify the body, bringing it to order not only the lungs but and other bodies that resisted the ravages of smoke. +

It is often customary cough is a precursor of more serious problems, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cancer. If you have quit Smoking, had a body detox and after a few months the cough continues, contact your doctor to protect yourself from serious diseases. Even lung cancer, detected early, is treatable! Consider what good habits we need to develop in order to minimize the dangers of Smoking.+

How to minimize the effects of Smoking

Do not try to suppress the cough when Smoking

It is important to understand that in no event it is impossible to calm a smoker’s cough. If you take drugs, restraining a cough, harmful substances in greater concentration will build up in the lungs. +

More fresh products to reduce the effects of Smoking

You should also avoid intake of semi-finished and processed products. You have to understand that it is not so easy to maintain healthy lungs and the whole body by continuing to smoke. Smokers the immune system weaker, and they are more prone to respiratory diseases.+

Therefore, vitamin C is essential in the diet for maximum effect. Fresh strawberries, citrus fruits, apples, different types of cabbage, green leafy vegetables, plus whole grains, nuts, unrefined vegetable oils, honey, beans should all be sure to enter in the menu. +

Along with this, you should limit or eliminate all foods that contain refined sugar, sweets, meat, canned foods, margarine, refined oils, white flour, processed foods.+

Fresh juices to minimize the harm from Smoking

Fresh juices in the diet will be of great help in cleansing the body from the effects of Smoking. You can do fasting days on vegetable and fruit juices. For example, in the morning drink water with lemon juice, later grapefruit juice or pineapple juice, then you can make carrot juice with the addition of beet juice, and so on. +

It is helpful to use green vegetables as they are rich in chlorophyll, and oranges, which are powerful antioxidants. Perfect to stay on this diet for three days. If the hunger is too strong, it is possible to cook for dinner rice or millet, and vegetable salad. For the best effect and wellbeing bathrooms accept ginger for 20 minutes. Will also help eucalyptus essential oil that can be used in oil burner or just inhale from the bottle. +

Carrot juice will clean a smoker’s cough

Good every day drink a glass of carrot juice that works great with all types of cough. +

Lemon and honey will improve the condition of the lungs when Smoking

The combination of honey and lemon is good for the lung condition thanks to the vitamin C including. You can make honey-lemon water, and you can mix a whole lemon (selecting the bones) with honey and take this mixture three times a day on a teaspoon. +

Onion dissolve mucus in the lungs, if you smoke

Onion relieves cough, dissolves mucus, and fights viruses and bacteria. Good to eat onions in raw form as often as possible, adding it to salads. It is also worth to try the ancient recipe chudodeistvenno infusion against diseases of the respiratory tract.+

Ginger to cleanse the lungs from effects of Smoking

Ginger tea is a great remedy for detoxifying the entire body. In particular, he is to cheer cope with the cleansing of the lungs from toxic substances. You can use fresh ginger and powder that you can buy in the spice aisle of any supermarket.+

Perhaps you should wait for the miraculous moment when you still quit Smoking? And now begin to live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe using the recommendations from this article, you will in the future easier and easier to get rid of the addiction. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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