Smoking is prohibited on the screen? An idea that causes coughing in France.

Photo: Gabriel Bouys Agence France-Presse
70 % of new French films make the image at least once a person who smokes.

Paris — smoking Ban in the French cinema : the idea advanced by the government to “normalize the image of tobacco in the society” gave rise to criticism, some fans of the 7th art, because that would be absurd and unenforceable.


An actress or an actor who lights a cigarette in a languorous cloud of smoke constitutes an “incitement of cultural habit,” as well as “advertising that is diverted for tobacco consumption” ?


Yes, said the senator socialist Nadine Grelet-Certenais before the Senate approved Thursday, the project to bring step by step the price of a package of cigarettes up to 10 euros by the end of 2020 in France.


“70 % of new French films make the image at least once a person who smokes. It is a dumbing down, or promotion of tobacco, especially among children and adolescents are the primary consumers of these films on the Internet “, regretted the elected by appealing directly to the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn.


It was then agreed, responding : “Yes, it is necessary to denormalize the use of tobacco in social networks and the cinema. I do not understand the importance of cigarette smoking in the French cinema “.


Then it is necessary to get used soon to watch movies order to eliminate any presence of tobacco ? It is not there, but many film fans are already entered in resistance, oscillating between anger and sarcasm.


“So I guess he will also be banned in the movies drugs in the first place, to exceed the speed limits, to cross out of the nails, and, of course, kill. The crime novels are going to take a hit. They are completely crazy “, said in a tweet, the Tribune of-the-Art, a newsfeed of the history of art and heritage led by the journalist and historian Didier Rykner.


And the movies of the past ?


While the reflection is only a beginning according to the government (French films only or international too ? What is the fate for in old movies ?), several sites are fun to list all the classics of the 7th art that would be banned from screening in the case of prohibition of tobacco. Alain Delon without a fag in his mouth, Jean-Paul Belmondo without the cigarillo to his lips, Serge Gainsbourg without the Gypsy ?

Photo: Philippe Wojazer Agence France-Presse
Serge Gainsbourg on French television in 1984

Absurd, say the critics. “Inject the moral in the seventh art, it is to pour the coke in a Château-Lafite “, to be contrasted Monday, the philosopher Raphael Enthoven in his column on Europe 1.

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