Smugglers against Kolomoisky Kolomoisky against sorozat. Who is who and why is fighting inside the “public Servants”

Контрабандисты против коломойских, коломойские против соросят. Кто с кем и зачем воюет внутри "Слуги народа"

Aleksandr Dubinsky (center) pays attention to political rivals in “the Servant of the people”, photo: Isim Chumbaev, “Country”Scandal with the failure of the Committee of taxes and Finance of a draft law on appraisal activity, when part of the members of the “Servants of the people” has accused his colleagues in the faction that they took money for not voting, continues to evolve.

The leadership of the faction now wants deputies to check on the lie detector and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office has announced that starting criminal proceedings on the fact of possible corruption among the deputies.

According to the “Country”, this is just the tip of the iceberg of contradictions within the presidential political force. Its tearing apart several influential bands in ze-team, who are fighting for economic influence and control over financial flows.

We understand what this group and what the result of infighting within the faction.

“Quarter”, Kolomoisky, Pavlyuk and “Sarasate”

Officially, the fraction 15 is divided into intra-faction groups that put the Deputy Chairman of the faction of David Arakhamiya.

But it is a isolated group on the basis of loyalty – the official mini-groups assembled according to the draw.

The most obvious is a group of people the President associated with him in the “Quarter” or just through personal acquaintance.

Those in the faction, there are, according to various estimates, 60-80 people. In stage known as the artist of “Quarter” and now people’s Deputy, Yuri Kravchenkove their eyes called “usikami”. Or just “group Quarter.”

The second major group is focused on the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Its most prominent representative is a former journalist, 1+1, MP Oleksandr Dubinsky. It also classifies the former Director General of 1+1 Oleksandr Tkachenko, a former journalist of the same channel Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk, head of the parliamentary Committee on energy Andriy Gerus and a couple of dozen other deputies.

Sam Dubinsky has repeatedly denied his relationship with Kolomoisky on political issues.

This group showed a lot of character in the session hall, not voting for certain bills and harshly attacking the government with which the oligarch has rather strained relations.

The Cabinet Goncharuk more focused on the third group, which emerged in the process of the conflict over a vote for “estimated” law.

These deputies, who come from grant organizations, cooperating with Western institutions and, in General, continue the line of the deputies of the Euro-optimists of the previous convocation of Parliament. In the conventional group Kolomoisky them called “Sarasate”. It also adjoins a number of deputies focused on the oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

A typical representative of this group is MP Roksolana Pentasa, which actually said about corruption in the tax Committee and in response ran into counter-accusations of lobbying interests of manufacturers of cash registers (which it denies).

At the same time, in factions there are other groups that focus on different influential people in the country.

The largest and most organized of them – a group of Elijah Pavlyuk. It’s an old friend Zelensky, who is credited with a significant role in the election campaign, see, as well as a strong influence on the processes at customs.

The existence of this group also became known thanks to Dubinsky. He 3 reported that in the Metropolitan hotel “Ukraine” held a meeting of deputies from 26 SN whose names Dubinsky calls, with Elijah Pavlyuk and the Deputy of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Tregubenko. Dubinsky refers to some media in which Pavlyuk and Tregubenko is associated with “supervision of the customs flows and smuggling”.

Actually because of these rumors, the group’s detractors called the “smugglers.” Themselves they call “anticolonial group”, emphasizing that, above all, confront the oligarchs.

“The allegations by Dubinsky is a complete lie. We do not orientirueshsya on the window or on someone else. We just don’t want Kolomoisky continued to discredit the President and our political power. It should not affect processes in the state,” said “Country” on condition of anonymity, one of the deputies, which is associated with a group of Pavlyuk.

At the same time, according to the journalist Yuri Butusov on his Facebook page, along with Pavlyuk Viktor Tymoshenko, who is also related to customs duties, constitute one of the groups in SN are considered unofficial curators of the Kiev region. Together with the former head of the Department of Economics of the Kiev regional administration and head of the regional headquarters of SN Volodymyr Koval they, according to Butusov, nominated for the post of head of the Kiev region Mikhail BNO-Hayriyan.

However, according to another version, BNO-Ayriyan is the quota of his classmate, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov, and the group Pavlyuk-Tymoshenko was not against her dismissal, with its views of the region.

However, Dubinsky also writes about personnel loss of the group Pavlyuk-Tymoshenko, and the MP is not just critical of the activities of BNO-Hayriyan in the Governor’s chair and now could not hide his pleasure on the occasion of his retirement.

“This is a protege of the chief abistab SN Koval in partnership with Tymoshenko-Pavlyuk. Whose group slowly goes to the bottom,” wrote Dubinsky on his Facebook page.

Sam BNO-Ayriyan denies relationship with some “smugglers”, but in fact evades the answer, if she is familiar with Tymoshenko and Pavlyuk. “I even comment in principle ridiculous. Of course, you can some imagine that I became acquainted with the smugglers, when I took bus cigarettes and Italian products using Rav as a replacement. On the weekends. When I worked as an assistant to the Minister of foreign Affairs, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister, Director of the Department of European integration of the Ministry or Deputy head of the “Ukrenergo”. But somehow it is not glued,” – he wrote on his Facebook page.

In political circles care BNO-Hayriyan, which, as expected, the President will approve after returning from Japan, was seen primarily as a victory of the group Kolomoisky.

A group of Elijah Pavlyuk and call him now one of the main competitors for Kolomoisky’s influence on the President and for control of flows.

“Full depth of corruption of Ukrainian politics can be seen in the customs. For the control of which are struggling Pavlyuk and Kolomoisky, as well as inter. Well, all together are fighting against the current head of customs, on the beach, which is the “Western grant” group”, – said a source in the faction “people’s Servants”.

He also linked the recent scandals in the faction with the intensification of the struggle on economic issues.

“Each group tries to push their own lobbying laws. But they are blocked by hostile groups. In addition, some MPs began to take money at all from the “left” people. Hence the constant scandals. Even we are not talking about the struggle of the groups among themselves, and about the struggle of individual characters. For example, the war began between the Deputy head of the Office of the President Kirill Timoshenko and Dubinsky over the law on the legalization of gambling, which pushes Tymoshenko and cuts Dubinsky. By the way, this conflict has played a significant role in the fact that the President is now set up in the tax Committee is not in favor of Dubinsky. Tymoshenko Zelensky information brings in the right perspective”, – said the MP.

Front without mercy

What in the end will lead this struggle?

The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik believes that the main groups in the SN led “war of annihilation”.

“And it was decided almost from the very beginning because two months later, the life fraction is too small to out of the blue grew serious contradictions,” says the expert, “the Country”.

At the same time, the group Kolomoisky still open a separate “front” against the government.

“Swells was a gay scandal in the Cabinet, pouring accusations against Maxim Nefyodov that de covers the smuggling of kin. The case may be in customs, and then there is the relationship with the pressure on a group of Pavlyuk. But the question of “PrivatBank” also is not closed yet. Moreover, the government leads and win lawsuits against Kolomoisky. That too is a reason for the attacks on the Cabinet of Ministers and the national Bank”, – said Bortnik.

In General, such a course of events – a bad sign for SN, whose fraction is heterogeneous, and therefore a high risk of destabilization and division in the conditions when differences enough. “The existence of a crisis in the faction threatens the adoption of the budget for next year by the one “servants of the people”. The depth of the problem will show the debate about the main financial document of the country,” predicted the analyst Ruslan Bortnik “the Country.”

Against this background, is the development of the crisis over the tax Committee, where Dubinsky clashed with “Sarasate”.

However, as stated above, the scandal has reached a serious level and already opened a criminal case. It rather harshly commented Zelensky, saying that he is closely watching the developments.

There was also the information that several deputies who were accused of corruption, was ready to testify. And one of them David Arakhamiya tomorrow promises to bring even on a talk show, “the Right to Vlad,” that is to testify live.

Obviously, hostile to Kolomoisky group caught in this case and will continue to unleash it.

Moreover, among the deputies of the “public Servants” are of the opinion that in this case there’s no smoke without fire.

“They say that the money for the failure of the ill-fated bill still skid. And this is done by one of the deputies, very close to Kolomoisky. And said that this could be the start of a long relationship. Himself Kolomoisky is in close relationship with the Deputy Anton Yatsenko, who was interested in disrupting the voting. Sam Dubinsky, by the way, the money could not be taken because it is already in the system,” – says the source “of the Country” (details about scandal can be read here).

Also there were rumors that Dubinsky can be excluded from the faction. And he’s thinking of retiring independent swimming and with the money of Kolomoisky is going to create his party.

However, officially in the faction information on training to the exclusion of Dubinsky from deny.

“It’s a lie. Nothing is not considered. Attention SAP to this case is welcome. We finally running an independent anti-corruption branch. It’s wonderful. We have no troublemakers in the faction. We have the serious situation, in which, perhaps, is the corruption factor. We are talking about criminal things. I hope the issue will be resolved within the framework of investigative activities of the competent authorities”, – said the “Country” faction’s Deputy Nikita Poturaev.

Sam Dubinsky in response to the rumors about his ironic exception wrote – say, the faction had not had the courage even button pushers to exclude. And it certainly is not touched.

In comments to “the Country” he also denied all charges of corruption.

“There are two movements within the party and the Servant of the people. The first is “sorozat” in the government who are trying to overcome all his potential opponents and critics by discrediting them. This group is conditionally included Abromavicius, Milovanov, Rashkovan, Markarova and their “sixes” in the face “activists” Leshchenko and Shabunina. The second direction relates to the first, but even with the attendants is Prozzoro and its founder Nefedov. Feeding with Prozzoro use the fact that the leadership of the faction is weak to think that such a public communication, and therefore assumed the charges of bribery to prevent the Committee’s consideration of the monopoly Prozzoro, which is the essence of the same tender mafia”, – said “the Country” Dubinsky.

He also denies that he intends to get out of the “public Servants” and to create his own party.

“I completely refute the information about the creation of any political party or Association. Faction is not going to go as long as the government adheres to commitments to the people of Ukraine. What accelerates these – much more interesting topic. This occurs under the concept of attack “sorozat”. They now need to distance me from the President Zelensky, image rebuild, marginaliana to the politician who wants to split the faction, but no,” said Dubinsky.

The source of the “Country” faction “Servants of the people” skeptical of rumors about the possible exception of Dubinsky and his care to independent swimming.

“So it happened to Zelensky took a resolute decision that he breaks with Kolomoisky. And not just tears, and taking a number of actions to destroy his political influence until the arrest of the oligarch. But Zelensky, as far as we can judge, is not ready. He will continue to maneuver between different groups. And the lack of votes in the faction will be compensated through agreements with other factions and non-faction. As the example of voting for judicial reform. Another question that can be broken at the same Kolomoisky and he will go on a break. And then it starts all these problems”, – said a source in the faction. Denis Rafalsky, Svetlana Kryukova

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