Snacks that are categorically not suitable for alcohol

Закуски, которые категорически не подходят к алкоголю

Good to know that some products are not combined with alcohol. If you ignore this rule, you can greatly harm the body.

In the summer, alcohol is often used in company with the roast meat with the barbecue. Gastroenterologists warn that in this duet each of the products enhances and prolongs the harmful influence of the other on the body. Meat exacerbates the effects of alcohol, and that, in turn, slows down the digestion of the already indigestible product.

For this reason, the alcohol at the picnic should not eat barbecue, and fish or seafood. But it is best in hot summer weather, and without loading the cardiovascular system, to give up alcohol altogether.

Also don’t need to combine alcohol and fresh tomatoes. In tomatoes contains a lot of organic acids and their link with alcohol – it’s a real blow to the stomach lining. This combination may provoke symptoms of poisoning, can cause indigestion, bloating.

Lovers of tomatoes you should choose a snack of tomato juice or tomatoes, canned in its own juice, which has already undergone fermentation.

However, despite the favor of the canned tomatoes, doctors advise not to use for snacks pickled vegetables. Mix contained in the marinade of vinegar and alcohol can be a mixture that the body simply can not stand. Especially strongly it can affect the liver and kidneys.

Not suitable for snacks spicy food. Generously seasoned with pepper food is not only adds to the intoxication, but also increases the impact of drinks on the mucous membranes. You can even get a burn!

It is not appropriate to bite of alcohol and melons. In this part of the body begins in the first digest product, containing plenty of glucose, — the same melon or watermelon. The splitting of alcohol are thus slowed down and, hence, exposure to toxic products of its degradation also is longer, than it could be.


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