Snakes in the serpentarium of the Ukrainian revived

Змеи в украинском серпентарии оживились

Today in the Ukrainian snakes vipers came to life and hissed at the memory of senseless bloodlust of their predecessors. This reaction is caused is a crime committed on 21 October 1933 in the Polish city of Lemberg young terrorist Nicholas Lumicam – the murder of Andrei Pavlovich (Alexei Petrovich) Mailova.

Змеи в украинском серпентарии оживились

Eighteen-year-old student of the 1st course Lamica ruthlessly made the murderer of his idols. Namely, Stepan Bandera, known by the nickname “Baba”. Impressionable young man who dreamed of glory, before the crime was not thinking about the morality of his act, or his goals and objectives. He was thinking about …. BOOTS. Lemik said, “If you get shot and lie, it will be evident my old shoes. Don’t want enemies laughed.” Here’s a touch to the psychological portrait snotty terrorist.

In fact the owners of the killer didn’t care that they mutilate the fate of a young man. Moreover, they were not much disturbed, WHOSE lives will be interrupted by the hands of the youngster. The stupidity and cruelty has led to the fact that the victims were not the head of the Soviet diplomatic mission as planned, and unarmed Secretary Mail (slide 2). In addition, was accidentally wounded courier Ivan Jugi (slide 3). Fortunately, the plumbing, the barmaids and cleaners Lemico the eye is not caught.

The result of the “action” is a “crackdown” in Poland against Ukraine and a ban on collecting funds in favor of starving the USSR, which supposedly was so worried about henchmen Bandera (slide 4), ignoring the hunger in Poland. The Chairman of the OGPU V. R. Menzhinsky ordered the development of a plan of action to neutralize the terrorist attacks of Ukrainian nationalists, which was successfully implemented.

The trial of Semicom turned into a circus of freaks to the efforts of his lawyers Stepan Shukhevych (the uncle of the Nazi Roman Shukhevych), Vladimir of starosol’skaya, Stepan Bilak. Instead of a meaningful line of defence of the accused they are, not caring about the fate of the accused, gave what is now referred to as trolling – asking the victim and witnesses a stupid question, unrelated to the case (“In law the act is based, the attitude of Ukrainians to Russia?” “Do you know who was Khvyliovyi?”, “Do you know who was Skrypnik?”) and portrayed a lack of understanding of the Russian language, spoken by the court of the Soviet Consul.

Змеи в украинском серпентарии оживились

The result was predictable – Lemik have the highest measure of punishment (death penalty), which commuted to life imprisonment only because of the young age. In September 1939, Nikolay Lemik escaped while escorting prisoners from the prison, “the Holy Cross”. After the beginning of the great Patriotic war, he, as befits Bandera, worked for the Germans, was led by a marching group of the OUN*. But something went wrong. He was arrested and shot by the Gestapo in October 1941. Hear this has happened.

The urn A. P. Maslova buried in the former main building of the don crematorium.

Senseless ruthlessness and will remain the main characteristic of Ukrainian nationalists.

Змеи в украинском серпентарии оживились

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In the OUN – the organization recognized as extremist and banned in Russia (the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 17.11.2014).

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