Snezhana Babkin told about the difficult pregnancy and the reaction of her husband on the happy news

On the eve of the network has stirred up great news about the new addition to the family of Sergey Babkin. The wife of the Ukrainian artist decided to share the details of her pregnancy.

Сніжана Бабкіна розповіла про складну вагітність та реакцію чоловіка на радісну новину

Yesterday it became known that Sergei Babkin and Snjezana will be the third child. As it turned out, the wife of the musician is on the seventh month of pregnancy, informs Rus.Media.

According to the wife of Sergei Babkin, now it feels great, although more recently suffered from terrible morning sickness.

Сніжана Бабкіна розповіла про складну вагітність та реакцію чоловіка на радісну новину

Here is what Snezana.

“For such a time that I was vain, everything was in its place. But it was very difficult – all this time Sergei was in the tour. Great tour – 24 cities. But the tour was planned very long time, and we did so when we found out we had to go. Of course, I was really hoping I won’t have such a toxemia, as in the first two pregnancies. But it did not happen. Once we went on tour, I started something that I can neither sit nor walk, nor could not breathe. Remember, this morning I opened my eyes and thought: “my God, would rather have the night.” In the same round another life another: the constant smell of cigarettes, coffee, food I was just exhausted. I can’t tell. Don’t know how it survived.”

As we know, Sergei and Snjezana will have a son. The couple wanted another boy, so was very happy to learn the baby’s gender.

Сніжана Бабкіна розповіла про складну вагітність та реакцію чоловіка на радісну новину

“Four years ago I had a dream, I woke up this morning I said to Sergei: “We’re gonna have a boy. It turns out, we waited for four years. And I understand that now girls can not be. I already had a clear understanding that this was a prophetic dream.”

The older couple’s children, 12-year-old Arthur and 8-year-old Veselin, is also happy news about her brother. Snezhana told about the reaction of Sergei on the news of the pregnancy. According to her, they have been planning to have another baby, but when she got pregnant, not once told about this:

“I secretly went by the tests (pregnancy – approx. ed.), make absolutely sure not to bring any inaccuracy. And I’m with these tests, 5 pieces, went down to the kitchen and say: “Sergey, I have something to tell you, just don’t know how. And give him 5 tests. Of course, he was very happy. And immediately I said, “I have been waiting for, it’s a boy!” For a long time we haven’t told anyone – neither children nor parents. Probably, three months. Wanted to know that everything will be fine.

Now the couple is congratulated with a joyful event. We also wish the mother and future baby health.