Snowmobilers beginners should be trained

Les motoneigistes débutants devraient être formés

VALCOURT | The people who use a snowmobile for the first time should follow a mandatory training according to the president of the Grand Prix de Valcourt, who was on Friday in a snow storm.

“Ski-doo can be very dangerous for a person who, in fact, for the first time, because it is a very powerful machine and under-estimated “, stresses
Martin Simard when The Journal met with him on Friday.

Martin Simard.

“It would require, at a minimum, a basic course to teach safety to people who sit on a snowmobile for the first time, in order that they understand how to perform a turn, how to speed up or what to do when you encounter another ski-doo “, he adds.

Documented training

The latter also believes that the guides who accompany groups in which there are often many tourists, beginners should also ” be trained in and have a recognition of an organization of any kind “. This is not currently the case.

Human errors

Since the beginning of the season, 14 people have died in snowmobile crashes in Quebec, which is double than at the same date last year, according to a compilation carried out by The Newspaper.

Five French tourists and their guide were sunk in the icy waters of the river’s Large Discharge to the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, on January 21 last.

Invited to comment on the black series death, Mr. Simard has remained cautious.

“It is difficult to judge, because we may not have all the information yet for each of them. Is this recklessness ? The lack of concern ? A human error ? We don’t know, ” he says.

“The problem is the person behind the handlebars and the way in which it leads, believes the one that has occupied the post of the presidency during the past 10 years, Donald Lemay. It is the recklessness that will ensure that there will be accidents. “


One of the experienced pilots of the Grand Prix, Erick Legendre, 53 years old, believes that many deaths recently reported tarnish this hobby.

“It affects a bit the popular image “, he believes.

Another veteran, Francis Gravel, abounds in the same direction.

“Some of these deaths are due to a lack of knowledge of the area and it messes up [the image of] the snowmobile,” he said.

For this first competition day, the pilots have decided to cancel the qualifications and the finals for their own safety due to poor weather conditions, or thirty races.

Therefore, the spectators, are very few in number, had that test to be put in the tooth on Friday.

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