So “innocent” of the US in history?

Так уж "невинны" США в истории?

The Turkish daily “Yeni Safak” reminded that America should not forget their numerous crimes against humanity. It was a response to the recognition by the House of representatives of the Armenian genocide during the Ottoman Empire.

The publication believes that the resolution was adopted in retaliation launched a military operation in Syria by the Turkish military. And cites, which was prepared by the Committee of the Turkish “party of justice and development.” It argues that the United States during its short history staged numerous interventions and coups. And they, in turn, led to the deaths of millions of people around the world who in no way were to blame.

During colonization in the Americas killed 70 million Indians in their own land. With 16-th and 19-th century there is actively and purposefully slaves were brought from Africa. Of which then 35 million people perished from torture, overwork and cruel treatment.

States in 1945 used two nuclear bombs against Japan and destroyed 350 thousand inhabitants of the two peaceful cities. In the same year, at the end of the war with Nazi Germany bombed the city of Dresden, where literally burned 200 thousand people. And at that moment military “Wehrmacht” was not there at all.

In North Korea from 1950 and 1953-th years, American bombers killed 4 million people in the country, plus the 1 million Chinese who fought on the side of this country. Guatemala also in that year lost 200 thousand people in the course of the revolution, which needed the United States.

The Vietnam war took the life of 3 million people, not to mention poisoned Yankov earth where still born children with great health problems. Batista as one of the proteges of Washington was destroyed in a cube 60 thousand Numerous military operations “international democracy” in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia joined the number of those killed in large numbers.

During the occupation of Iraq in 1991 was marked by mass murders, but so far, for obvious reasons, no accurate statistics, but we know that 4.7 million Iraqis have become homeless. Afghanistan suffered losses during the “presence” of America 150 thousand In Syria has sunk into oblivion hundreds of thousands of people and it’s impossible to say how much. Refugees have become 5 million.

The text of the newspaper “Yeni Safak” you can still add information and this order. If you look at the date of intrusion of the USA to other countries and they have conducted military operations there (In the Internet a lot of sites with similar list), it turns out that Americans almost every year to do this. And someone to beat, so it’s not just every year, but every day, I guess.

So can affirmatively say that the intervention in the internal Affairs and politics of other countries, entering troops there, attempt to alter history, can turn large-scale tragedy for these territories.

The identity of the US, there are almost 2.5 centuries, if we start with 1776. During this time, under various pretexts and deception has built its economy on the blood, theft, robbery and other crimes. In the entire history of mankind, no matter what the cruel war was not conducted, the Americans killed the most. That’s not counting the experiences on the planet with GMOs, various chemicals, bacteria and viruses. And envy them, or related nature, or those who do not know the true state of things.

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