The morning is an incredibly resource and time. Therefore, it is important to Wake up early, happy, full of joy and vitality. Then you will work out. But how to Wake up happy when the alarm sends the brain a signal comparable to a Taser? From him just want to hide deeper in podushkinskoye secrets, how happy to get up early.
Cook the morning to the evening
It is clear that in order to stand easily, need sleep. So, go to bed early. And here the majority will say that it is impossible. Of course! It is evening, as a rule, belongs only to us and not to the Affairs and concerns. And longer want to enjoy the rest. Here is what said about this psychologist, psychotherapist Yulia Ushakova: – surf the Internet, read, watch 123 movies, finish some business, play computer games, go to night club etc. For many people, all these activities very important and “needed” it later at night, at a time when you want to go to bed to Wake up in a new beautiful day cheerful and full of energy. It turns out that in order to Wake up earlier, you need to understand why to do it. People have to want to Wake up early to begin the day with interesting cases. This understanding must be formed in the evening, before bedtime. The person should prevail motivation “to start an interesting day and a lot of useful information in it to make” on the motivation “to have fun before going to sleep or work before bedtime.”Psychologists suggest bedtime is sure to take a warm relaxing bath and mentally leave in the last day all the problems, quarrels and worries without worrying them again. Be sure to try to remember anything good, funny or amusing, what was in that day. Do not turn on the TV and the computer “for five minutes”. Well, of course, no alcohol and a heavy meal before bedtime! Go to bed immediately after 22.00, but certainly no later than 23.00. By the way, it will help to become slimmer. And not just because sleep at night the temptation to look in the refrigerator, but also because for the full processing of food must have eaten about seven hours of sleep during the night when the hormone melatonin. If you cannot sleep, try to go to bed even an hour earlier. We all have different biorhythms. Perhaps you just skip suitable for your sleep time, and then the body that was not allowed to sleep, can not calm down another three hours.
Take your time to get up
Waking up, not in a hurry to jump out of bed and run – so you can immediately put yourself under stress. Lie down, stretching. Physiologists proved that stretch is very useful. It starts smooth transition the entire body into active mode, but still excites the pleasure centers. So, stretching, that we and in a good mood too.
Another great way to do this is to smile. Scientists found a close link between the reduction of facial muscles when smiling and upbeat emotional state. And this relationship works both ways! So, if you just smile without any reason, then you will soon realize what really optimistic look at the world. This habit can be trained. Soon you will become the owner of an easy and effective way at any time to improve your mood on their own.
By the way, about the alarm clock. Very bad to put it on an hour early and then get on the first time. Multiple awakening just spoils the mood. And refrain from any sudden sounds! If programmed on the alarm clock ringtone, which is associated for you with pleasant events, already half-asleep, you get up for something good. It is important!
Small pleasures
Remember that cozy morning effortlessly provides 50% of your good mood. If you get there early enough, you can give yourself half an hour of coziness and silence. For example, in your favorite blanket with coffee or cocoa in hand. Extend this feeling of calm, peace, comfort and warmth. This is your secret tool that will give you a sense of security for the whole day.
Here are a few tricks that also make the morning happier. Select those that fit you, and come up with a few secret – for yourself.
– Before you get up, hug and kiss a loved one;– to Select the alarm music from childhood. Change it to another at least once a month;– Buy a new gown that you really like;– New fragrant shower gel also improves mood;– once the climb, drink a glass of water;– Create a pleasant morning ritual, for which no pity to get out of a warm bed;– Regularly change recipes morning coffee;– Buy different flavored teas;– Reward yourself for an early rise: morning morning time occupation that you really like.

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