Social distancing: Trump wants relief progressive following risks

Distanciation sociale: Trump veut un allègement progressif suivant les risques

WASHINGTON | us president Donald Trump has confirmed on Thursday that he wanted to lighten the recommendations of “social distancing” related to the new coronavirus based on a local risk assessment.

“Our expanded capabilities of testing we will soon publish the criteria […] to classify the counties according to the risk posed by the virus,” wrote the tenant of the White House in a letter to all the governors of the country.

“On the basis of these criteria based on data, we propose to classify the counties in the “high risk”, “medium risk”, “low risk “, he adds, without giving any indication of timing.

In this letter the tone is very measured, which contrasts with its announcements initials on a “re-opening” of the economy by Easter (which falls this year on April 12), the american president stressed that ” the battle will be long “.

The curve of infections of the Covid-19 continues to increase in the United States with more than 75 000 cases and more than 1 000 dead.