PALMARES Despite the banishment of TikTok in India, the application still occupies the first place of the podium

Social networks: TikTok in the top te of the most downloaded applications in 2021

TikTok still attracts so many users. — Davide Bonaldo/Sipa USA/SIPA

App downloads increased by 2.7% in the fourth quarter of 2021, compared to App downloads. the same period last year, with 36 billion app downloads. The podium of the most downloaded moves little, always largely occupied; by GAFAM, an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. But it’s TikTok which occupies the first place, excluding games, reports 01.Net this Thursday, relaying a study by Sensor Tower. /SensorTower/status/1481688758940540934?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

The Chinese application is followed by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and finally Messenger. All are part of the Meta group. Instagram in particular has seen a good evolution: its best quarter since 2014 and a 10% increase compared to the third quarter of 2021.

TikTok banned in India

< p>The social network thus takes first place in the ranking of the most downloaded applications in the fourth quarter of 2021. TikTok loses this place, which it has occupied for two years. It hadn’t happened. only once, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic with the incredible success of the Zoom application. This success of Instagram is notably due to Android users. This could be explained by the banning of the application in India, according to Sensor Tower. Because the use of Instagram has, in parallel, greatly increased. in the country.

For iOS, ranking is different ;rent. The first place is still occupied by TikTok, followed by YouTube. TikTok has even surpassed the 50 million installs on the App Store in the fourth quarter of 2021, the eighth consecutive quarter.