Socialists of Moldova and AKUM signed an interim agreement

PHOTO : “World 24”


Two parties of Moldova was able to negotiate. The socialists and the leaders of the right block AKUM signed interim political agreement. Immediately thereafter, the deputies went to the meeting of Parliament, reports the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Kseniya Janeeva.

Without lights and microphones. The parliamentary session was held in almost Spartan conditions. In the workplace there is no Secretariat of the Parliament or other bodies responsible for the holding of the meeting. For counting a number of deputies had to be called by name. The meeting is attended by 61 people.

“We begin the process by elimination of the oligarchic system. We convened an emergency meeting, which was followed by a session of Parliament, the choice of the speaker. There will be other important steps – the local elections and the creation of a Commission to investigate a variety of violations,” – said the leader of the bloc AKUM Andrei Nastase.

The parliamentary coalition adopted the agenda. The first thing the MPs choose the speaker of the legislature. They became Zinaida Greceanii, President of the Party of socialists. It was voted 56 MP. Democrats at the meeting did not come, they consider it illegal and to insist on the resignation of the President.

“What is happening today in Parliament, and what would happen, smacks of a usurpation of power. As the Parliament is already working illegally, his work will be challenged from a legal point of view, politically. We will use the law and organize protests and demonstrations against the President, demanding his resignation. If he still had pride, today, he should resign,” – said Vice-Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova Andrian CANDU.

We will remind that yesterday the constitutional court ruled that to form a government, the members are required to 7 June. The deadline expired at midnight. According to the court, the President had to dissolve the Parliament.

Clarifications judges of the constitutional court spoke today. According to article 63 of the Constitution, the Parliament’s expired mandate. Any act committed today by MPs is a serious violation of the Constitution, said in the high court.