Sociologists have found out how the Ukrainians refer to the legalization of gambling

Социологи выяснили, как украинцы относятся к легализации азартных игр

58% of citizens oppose such initiatives

The majority of Ukrainian citizens against the legalization of gambling. This is the result of a sociological survey conducted by “Rating”, write Ukrainian news.

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It is reported that 58% of respondents are strongly against any legalization, 27% – accept legalization under the conditions that the game will take place in designated areas. Only 11% of respondents expressed support for the legalization of gambling business.The most unacceptable of respondents said online casinos, slot machines and gambling.

Социологи выяснили, как украинцы относятся к легализации азартных игр

Социологи выяснили, как украинцы относятся к легализации азартных игр

While clearly gambling consider themselves to be only 9% of Ukrainians.

Earlier experts warned that the representatives of the party “Servant of the people” they want to paralyze the lottery, leaving the work to illegal sites, above all online casinos.

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