Socks with sandals was named the new fashion trend

Носки с сандалиями назвали новым модным трендом

The manner of wearing sandals with socks fashion experts are no longer regarded as error and call it now a fashion trend, according to the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. Experts note that it is important to choose colors and combinations.

Fashion experts claim that socks with sandals to look stylish. They gave some tips on how to choose the right contrasts. For example, under the women’s open shoes it is better to choose transparent socks, under sport sandals – knee-socks. Besides will be appropriate in this combination, and Bermuda shorts.

Experts say that a good option will be the same color socks and shoes, that will complement the image of jeans with a t-shirt.

Fashion experts have noticed a new fashion trend was picked up by celebrities. For example, socks with sandals have already seen footballer David Beckham.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about a new trend in the fashion world. They became grandma’s shawl. The trend was picked up by famous designers.