SODEC: Quebec will replace Monique Simard

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
Monique Simard

The mandate of Monique Simard, the head of the SODEC will end on the 4 January next : the quebec government has chosen not to renew it, in spite of a positive recommendation of the board of directors, learned The Duty.


The president and chief executive officer of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC) has announced the news to a hundred employees Monday morning.


It was then confirmed to Duty in the afternoon. “The board had recommended the renewal of the mandate and I was ready to prolong it, she said. But the board has only a power of recommendation and it is the Council of ministers which decides. “


This political decision could be explained by the links of Ms. Simard with the Parti québécois — mp of PQ from 1996 to 1998, she was appointed to the SODEC by the government Marois in January 2014 ? “I can’t answer that, the question is to ask the government,” retorted she.


“Yes I am disappointed as one is when one is ready to continue something. But what are the mandates of limited duration and we accept the rules of the game at the start. “


Ms. Simard will leave, therefore, SODEC at the same time that the government Couillard will present the action plan accompanying the new cultural policy. The Crown corporation was created in the wake of the adoption of the first cultural policy, 25 years ago.


Other details will follow.

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