Softness before the cold returns at Christmas: the weather forecast for the holidays

    Softness before the cold returns at Christmas: the weather forecast for the holidays

    HOLIDAYS – While 2020 is already on the podium of the hottest years in France, the mildness will further increase at the beginning of next week before the return of cold and snow for Christmas. Check out the latest forecasts.

    – Guillaume Woznica

    The years go by and look alike… These Christmas holidays will begin in general softness with a flow from west to south-west well established over Western Europe. It has now been 10 years since France has known a White Christmas. Since then, it is mainly rain, wind and temperatures above normal for the season that dominate at the end of December.

    But for this year, particular in more than one respect, the situation will be a little different with a change of weather forecast between December 24 and 25, thus marking the return of winter conditions … What to hope for a white Christmas, at least in the mountains !

    From 14 to 18 ° C at the beginning of next week

    Before the return of winter, the weather will once again be autumn with the passage of an Atlantic disturbance for this first weekend of the holidays. It will bring rains in a wide western half Saturday, with wind on the English Channel. Other more marked precipitation will rise from the Mediterranean towards Languedoc while the sun will prevail elsewhere.

    Sunday, the front will shift towards the east, giving rain in the plains and snow in the mountains, above 1400 to 1700 meters of altitude. The other regions will find sometimes beautiful clearings. Temperatures will remain at a high level with values ​​3 to 6 ° C above seasonal norms.

    At the start of next week, the mildness will become even more pronounced with a mercury everywhere exceeding the 10 ° C mark. on Monday afternoon. Mardi promises to be the mildest day of the end of the year with 14 to 18 ° C in most regions, a level 6 to 10 ° C above seasonal values.

    This great mildness will be accompanied by a vast rainy and windy disturbance affecting three quarters of the country on Monday and undulating in the regions of the northern half between Tuesday and Wednesday. This day will also mark the beginning of the change of weather with a wind moving north-west then north, bringing air more and more cold. He will settle down Wednesday on a northern third with a mercury no longer exceeding 5 to 7 ° C at the best of the afternoon.


    A white Christmas in some regions?

    This drop in temperatures will continue Thursday December 24 and especially Friday, Christmas day. We must not then hope for more than 0 to 2 ° C in the east on the afternoon of the 25th and 4 to 7 ° C in the other regions. This cooling will be accompanied by unstable weather a few hours before New Year’s Eve with showers occurring in the form of snow in the mountains and also occasionally as far as the plains in the Grand Est, in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and in Auvergne-Rhône- Alps. Christmas day promises to be drier with sunny spells in most areas. This cold air with a small risk of snow as far as the plain will be maintained for the weekend of December 26 and 27.

    The following week, straddling 2020 and 2021, promises to be calm but still cold with a flow oriented to the north sector. On the other hand, the anticyclone extending its influence towards France, the weather will often be dry and rather sunny. Under these conditions, frosts will be frequent when you wake up and the maximums will remain below the seasonal norms. However, the reliability for this period is quite low. Indeed, an uncertainty persists on the evolution of the weather after Christmas, certain minority scenarios considering the return of softness. To be confirmed over the next few days …

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    Softness before the cold returns at Christmas: the weather forecast for the holidays

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