Solve the mystery of the Loch ness monster

Разгадана тайна Лох-несского чудовища

In 1933, a London businessman, George Spicer, driving a car past Loch ness, noted “the unusual creature” of all that ever he had seen.

A mysterious creature with long curved neck, reminiscent of the elephant trunk, crawled out onto the road right in front of his car and then slowly disappeared into the undergrowth.

Back in town, Spicer shared his story with reporters. Thus began the legend that for almost a hundred years excites the minds of scholars and adventurers.

Numerous scientific expeditions failed to reveal any trace of the Loch ness monster. But many people continue to believe that in the Scottish lake is home to survivors of a prehistoric monster.

Recently scientists have put forward an interesting theory that explains, in part, “the phenomenon of Nessie” reports

In the XIX – early XX century there was some big discoveries in the field of paleontology. Experts are not only discovered many new species of dinosaurs, but managed to restore their appearance.

“What is our life? Game!”Разгадана тайна Лох-несского чудовища“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Skeletons, and realistic models exhibited in museums to the public, and a special place among them occupied long-necked sea creature.

These exhibitions aroused great interest among the public. Scientists assumed such dinosaurs-mania reflected in the mass consciousness and “spawned” the Loch ness monster.

People have reported seeing the unknown monster, still in 1800-ies, but then only 10% mentioned the long neck. In the 1930s, the monsters, similar to the newly discovered plesiosaurus, described 50% of “eyewitnesses”.

Among other distinctive features of Nessi – a small head, massive body and a diamond-shaped fins. Periodically there are photos and videos where there is depicted the legendary monster, but neither one of them have not yet found reliable.