Some houseplants are dangerous to health ?

Some plants can provocate allergies, migraine headaches and even respiratory paralysis

Які кімнатні рослини небезпечні для здоров&#039я ?

Admiring the plants, not everyone thinks that some cute flowers can very seriously undermine human health.

For example, lilies can cause headaches and dizziness. And all because the smell of these flowers too rich and heavy. It is not recommended to leave on overnight in the bedroom, or in the morning you risk to Wake up with a migraine.

Frequent contact with the Indian chrysanthemum can cause skin reactions, and aglaonema changeable causes inflammation, irregular heartbeat and affects the Central nervous system.

American agave can cause dermatitis, and such exotic plants as Areca catechu provokes cardiac and respiratory failure. Similar to violet brunfelsia Malacca can cause respiratory failure.

Such a plant as Datura lately a frequent guest in apartments and houses. But it does not belong in residential areas, because it causes blurred vision, fainting, paralysis of the respiratory tract. In severe cases, the person is in coma, and possible death.

In the bedroom, do not place plants with large leaves. The day they produce a lot of oxygen, but at night absorb it. So beautiful vines still grow better in the living room.

People with any type of allergies it is better not to have houseplants. Or, at least, it is not recommended to keep them in the room where the person sleeps. Even the neutral effect of the plants collected on the leaves of dust, and even soil can contain spores, which can also exacerbate allergies.


Among plants there are many people that only benefit their owners. For example, low maintenance Chlorophytum, which not only enriches the air with oxygen, but neutralize harmful substances and germs floating in the air.

And aloe is perfect for the bedroom, because at night, it actively produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide.



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