Some reserve already for their next trips abroad

Even if you don’t know when the borders will reopen, the Quebec reserve already for their next holiday abroad.

“Currently, the most courageous reserve from September,” says the Moscow Side, director-general, Travel, Constellation and president of the Association of travel agents of Quebec.

The bargain hunters are particularly active, as are those who want to ensure they have a place in an airplane for the Holidays.

“For fall, the prices are really interesting,” says Mr. Côté. There is talk of price reductions of 20 % to 25 % over the past year. “

Christmas in the South

The most important volumes of booking were observed for December, the travellers making the bet that the borders will be reopened at this time.

However, this should not be mistaken : the transactions are anemic, accounting for about 10 % of what we see in normal times.

To stimulate bookings, the tour operators have relaxed their policies. For new package bookings in the South, the deposits were reduced from 300 $ to 100 $. In some cases, it is possible to get a refund almost full if you cancel at least 25 days prior to departure.

Air Canada, which has continued to connect Montreal to Paris and Frankfurt in recent weeks, announced yesterday its intention to re-establish some bonds as early as next month.

Thus, in New York, Chicago, Brussels and London should be added to the destinations served from Montreal as early as next month. Athens, Rome and Geneva might follow.

For the moment, only the passengers who have the nationality of the visited country can borrow these flights. The canada-u.s. border is closed until 21 June, while travel to other countries are restricted until further notice.

Transat and Sunwing have suspended all their flights until the end of June. We do not yet know their intentions for the summer.

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