Someone who the Joker: what’s going on in the Ukrainian political Тelegram

Кто кому джокер: что происходит в украинском политическом Тelegram

Who is who in the political and news Telegram of Ukraine.Last week Ukrainian politicians shaken by scandals from-for publications in the Telegram. Anonymous channel “the Joker” puts the correspondence of politicians from “public Servants” that they were from some prankster submitted to the public Prosecutor Ruslan Ryaboshapka here. This condition implies not only that the deputies should be careful in their hygiene communication. But clearly shows that the Ukrainian Telegram became a very powerful political tool and in many ways even ahead of classic media.

“News” wrote in August that this is the most dynamically developing political communication platform. Today in the Telegram Office of the President, himself Zelensky and top politicians. There are rumors and insiders, which would seriously affect Ukrainian politics today. “Vesti” figured out who is who in the political and news Telegram of Ukraine.

When it all started and why “Parkaboy” sounded the alarm

Ukrainian political Telegram received a boost to development in the spring of 2019, ahead of the presidential elections. It was quite clear that after the boom in Russia, the maximum after 1-2 years, this trend will be covered and Ukraine. Moreover, given the proximity of the two countries in matters of information technology – exactly in the same forms and manifestations. This trend was predictable for everyone. In addition to the ex-President Petro Poroshenko and his entourage. There are too woke up late and realized that they lost the Telegram. They have no major channels, and the most popular channels have become critics of Poroshenko. All that was left in this situation is to try to mix the enemies with the dirt and declare them agents of the Kremlin, sympathetic Zelensky and Kolomoisky. So there are the same “investigation” about the Ukrainian Telegram, which in September-October already published by some media.

Meanwhile, the prerequisites to ensure that users have begun to move in the Telegram, there were several. And they were quite objective. First, the Telegram has become an alternative channel of communication of the opposition candidates in the first place, Vladimir Zelensky with his audience. All TV channels were centurioni and distributed between “classic” policy, the threshold of “entry” on them in terms of money is excessively high.

Facebook because of the lockout policy leaders, strange for the issuance of the tape and the presence of garbage in the form of political advertising tired users. According to recent reports, the involvement of Ukrainians in this social network is constantly decreasing. From a platform for political discussions, Facebook is slowly but surely drifting toward the same “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”. Key policy and Crowbars are already sitting in the channels of the Telegram and chat rooms.

What people were attracted to this messenger? Telegram essentially offers personalized tape, but on a different format – the user chooses which channels to subscribe to Scrap and what to read. Or not to read, along with their personal messages. No “automatic algorithms”, which are hidden censorship, bugs of the system and sometimes not too logical mechanisms of extradition.

According to the survey of service TGStat, the Ukraine accounts for 16.17% of all Russian-speaking users of Telegram in the world. In the Russian-speaking Telegram is now more than 87 thousand channels, but nearly one in three respondents in 2019 the reading is still less than 10 channels. And 80% of the respondents read in the Telegram news channels. More than half of the users subscribed to entertainment and educational channels, each of the second learns from the Telegram news in their industry, and one — third reads feeds of bloggers. On political channels, and signed by 45% of respondents.

Telegram convenient because of the fact that there is no distortion of reality at the expense of the likes and comments, you can not artificially create the appearance of popularity, if it is not. Not through advertising to get the user on eyes ten times in a day. There are chats that are bound to channels, but the discussion essentially is parallel to the ground, literally in a parallel reality.

Who is the most popular in political Telegram

In our article we conduct a certain slice and tell about the statistics of the Ukrainian political Telegram-channels as of the end of October 2019, obtained from system analysts TGstat. Just a month statistics us these channels may vary significantly, which confirms – today, Ukraine is experiencing a real sunrise Telegram channels.

The most popular and influential channels in Ukraine in the category “Politics” today includes multiple channels. According to the service TGStat, the leaders of the citation in the category “Politics” in October, steel channels Klymenko Time, and “Legitimate”. The “Legitimacy” of the 44 thousand subscribers, and the total coverage in October and 9.1 million hits. Command channel specializiruetsya on the publication of the insiders and rumors in both Ukrainian and, interestingly, Russian political agenda.

Not inferior in influence and channel Klymenko Time, whose number of subscribers is two times less 22 thousand subscribers, but the coverage is the same high of 8.5 million in October. The channel leads a team of journalists and bloggers that their work started with a Youtube channel (238 thousand subscribers). Immediately before the election they have intensified in the Telegram, quickly passed a way from the canal, which publishes announcements of upcoming videos and their releases to the major news and analytical sites. Today text part of the content of this channel– news Express Analytics, as well as insides from private sources. The project does not hide the fact that he created on the initiative of former Minister Oleksandr Klymenko.

Rounding out the top three in the category “Policy”, we estimate coverage and influence, the lawyer Andriy Portnov (56,2 thousand subscribers, 5.3 million coverage for October), which methodically and legally competent “rides” the ex-President Petro Poroshenko and his entourage. Channel Portnov, as he is obviously so powerful that Poroshenko and his lawyers have repeatedly tried to prosecute its author.

Кто кому джокер: что происходит в украинском политическом Тelegram

In the category “Blogs” in the Telegram’s most popular political blogger Anatoly Shary and current member of “Servants of the people” Alexander Dubinsky. Which accordingly is 62.8 and 62.3 thousand subscribers, 7.5 million and 7.9 million of coverage, respectively.

Кто кому джокер: что происходит в украинском политическом Тelegram

The same anonymous channels

Anonymous channels is not something forbidden or beyond logic, not some know-how of Ukraine. In the Telegram it is common and normal. Someone can’t open themselves, someone does not want. Someone is using anonymity as an additional element of native advertising, as previously done in Russia, for example, channel “Stalingrad”.

In Ukraine, the core of such anonymous political channels are, besides the abovementioned “Legitimate”, “woman with a scythe”, (13, 1 million subscribers, 1.5 million of coverage in October), “the Whisperer” (12.2 thousand subscribers, 2.2 million of coverage in October), “Resident” (14,8 thousand subscribers, 3.3 million of coverage in October). Together, these channels represent a pool of channels, the insides of which our observations have been repeatedly confirmed.

There are other channels, of the veracity of the materials, which – more questions. Some of them plays information the above channels as her. Others publish only their proprietary information, which is very often just not confirmed. Third, accurately in the insides, fall short of the quality of the channel is often good intelligence. In any case, these channels also grow and find its reader.

Perhaps the most striking example among these channels was established in may 2019 channel Shawarma Zelenskiy, which is on a fairly aggressive advertising has gained 39 thousand subscribers, and its coverage for the month – 5.5 million hits. It is interesting, incidentally, that the last time this channel is not seen in PR right-wing groups C14 Yevhen Karas. But in General, the quality of the insides, which are a key channel profile – there are more misses than reliable information. The first of these insights is that the Premiership will give Yulia Tymoshenko. Of the latest and fresh stories that nationalists get out of “caches” of weapons to 14 October. Well, the most dramatic case, which makes not trust this channel – an attempt to give a normal review of reader website of “OSA” during the review of the source of the SBU.

Among the channels, giving the analyst enough good shows the path of the Shadow by Anonymous (17 thousand subscribers, 890 thousand hits in October). Their format – a few posts with the analysis of current political events and explanations of relations between political players.

In September, media market has begun rumors (using all the same Telegram-channels) that their channels will create one of the political groups. Also sounded the insides on an impending purchase in their interests of the largest Ukrainian Telegram channels.

Of course, anonymous channels are of greatest interest to potential buyers. After the change of ownership for them not necessarily entail “rebranding”. Channel to buy, leaving him with the old name. And just to fill his need for meaning itself.

At the end of September-October have started to receive the new channels, some of which even at first glance, mimics the agenda of see, but actually work against the team Zelensky. These channels are also actively promoted in advertising and grow in number of subscribers. Among them, in particular, Zе! INSIDER, Says Beard, the Dark knight. Some channels just use the green symbols and the particle “ze” in the name, others are more sophisticated ways – write on “all is lost” allegedly on behalf of an anonymous MP from the “Servants of the people.”

Finally, the last of these channels, not to mention which you just can’t – it appeared few days ago, “the Joker”. A channel 5 days since launch has garnered over 20 thousand subscribers. Here, in General, the story is well known: a few months wag texted in whatsapp with people’s deputies “public Servants” under the name of public Prosecutor Ruslana’s Ryaboshapko. How exactly he did it – by creating a clone sim card, or some more simple methods – the second question. As no matter what the Joker will do after correspondence with MPs over. The important thing is that on the wave of hype around it in the shortest possible time and without placing of advertising campaigns included in the pool read anonymous Telegram-channels of Ukraine. And now his audience is already converted into an attempt to influence the President, working in particular against its assistant Andrey Ermak.

Why is the media “failed” in the Telegram

While on the battlefield humming the guns of anonymous channels, classic media is clearly in the Telegram is not particularly popular. And even if you have a large covered clearly losing political channels on such indicators as the influence and exclusive.

So, in the category “news and media” the most popular public Ukraine 24/7 (447 thousand subscribers, 45.5 million of coverage in October), which was created and is developing in the Telegram and has no website or other information sites. Noteworthy and channel “TSN” with 305 thousand subscribers. Nothing to do with the channel “1+1” he has not, and it stands for “Telegrama news service”. This public not only popular official channel TSN, but also filed a complaint about the alleged violation of trademark rights when you use the official channel TSN, what was very outraged in the group “1+1”.Authors: Natalia Natalina, Alex Krupoder