Son uma Thurman grew up copy of her mother

Сын Умы Турман вырос копией своей мамы

Uma Thurman does not advertise his personal life, and of the children said not willingly, while retaining their right to non-public. However, sometimes at social events she escorted her children, and that such a situation happened the other day. So, on the showing of the cruise collection Prada in new York, Uma Thurman appeared together with his 16-year-old son Levon. Having photos matured guy, the fans were delight in this, because he grew up an exact copy of her mom!

Light hair, light eyes, and even facial features — it seems that from his father Ethan Hawke, Levon did not take anything. Soon in the blog there were numerous comments that web users write that the guy grew up a very handsome man and very like her mother.

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