Songs made in Quebec

Des chansons fabriquées à Québec

Cédric Bélanger

Since Quebec is on pause, The Log you pond playlists of music to accompany your activities in containment. This week, our reporters Sandra Jones and Cédric Bélanger, based in Quebec, offering you the crème de la crème : a selection consisting only of songs by artists from the capital. Restrict themselves to fifteen has not been easy. Chauvinism, we ? Never of life. Listen, therefore, to see.

The sky is in place, Ariane Roy

Ariane Roy

(CB) Dear Sandra, ready to shine our excellent local talent ? I start our selection with a new comer. Ariane Roy was head of the Francouvertes and was already going to see it in the States when the virus is picked. Evidence to support on The sky is up, she has a gift for laying melodies that caress the ear.

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It will, it will, Lou-Adriane Cassidy

(SG) Great discovery, Cedric. It makes me want to praise another woman’s ultra-talented that we have not yet heard : Lou-Adriane Cassidy. I have a blow of heart huge for this creative melodies and sensitive, seductive and sober. It goes, it goes, a room in a crescendo of great beauty, is probably my favorite of everything that has been created in music in Quebec city recently. I’m not exaggerating.

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My beautiful Clodie, Lauma

The singer from Quebec Lauma

(CB) I keep the cap in the category ” young women to the bright future “. Do you know Lauma ? No, normal, his first EP just came out. The lovely, lovely that this melody pop without pretension and full of heat, produced by Claude Bégin (the beau brummel of Alaclair Ensemble).

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Awake, New Bleach

New Bleach

(SG) I speak to you of another project all-new, all hot : in the past few months, two musicians of the group of French-rock Caravan, Raphaël Potvin and Dominic Pelletier, are now gathered together under the name New Bleach. The duo has just launched a first preview promising that reveals the sounds of indie, electro and influences disco.

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Video game, Shoot the Coyote

Pulls the coyote

(CB) Truce of the new. Interpretation skin-deep, correctness of the translation, which respects both the spirit of the original text of Lana Del Rey and the universe folk melancholy of our coyote of Quebec : the video Game is a resumption of world-class.

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Your collect call, Atm Packet

(SG) I’ll take you completely elsewhere with someone who demonstrates well the diversity of ideas in our cocoon local music. In these times gloomy, looking forward to the madness of Atm Packet, a romantico-wolves howl which pastiche the time of the song of seduction to blow saxophone, cup, Longueuil and lyrics hilarious… without ever neglecting the quality of the music.

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In the suburbs of Quebec, Jerome 50

(CB) In the same time crazy, crazy, crazy, what do you think of this fun diversion of a tune from summer camp, took advantage of a critical of life in one of the suburbs of the national capital ? With the chorus of childrenís voices, it is irresistible.

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Donna the crazy, Anatole


(SG) insanity, it makes me think of the title of Anatole, the name of the artist of the crazy Alexander Martel, one of our best-kept secrets in Quebec. Creator boiling, he has made the album of Hubert Lenoir and plays with Lou-Adriane Cassidy, but he broke out in his solo project with three to his credit. I’ve seen him live and I’m not recovered yet.

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Emma, Punctuation


(CB) I come back to serious things. This duo indie rock, shoegaze, I was going to suggest the nerve Poetry automatic. And then, I have picked up on Emma, from their first album. The heaviness of the guitars, the side of ” tune do-it-yourself in the garage dad “, the blues made me see the light. The rock is not dead, he lives somewhere in the shadows.

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Like Kites, Simon Kearney

(SG) , Dancing, groovy, heartening : as many adjectives to describe the new play by Simon Kearney. The music video, with its images of Quebec and of foufounes, is just as delusional. A comeback after two albums acclaimed by the critics.

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Daughter of person II, Hubert Lenoir

(CB) Kearney, Cassidy, Anatole, all of this leads us to our star to us. You never thought when not even one érigerait this list without including Hubert Lenoir. Everything has been said and written about the phenomenon and its escapades. With the benefit of hindsight, two things remain : Daughter of person II is a damn good tune and Darlene is a sapré good album.

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Five to seven, Koriass

(SG) Hubert Lenoir, how to forget it ! Speaking of the staple of our local scene – and tormented souls, he would not omit our stars of hip-hop. Quebec is the cradle of a rap scene abounding of which Koriass is without a doubt the figurehead. Proud resident of Limoilou, I appreciate the accessible music than what you can already call a veteran.

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Roses, Ghostly Kisses

Margaux Saved, alias Ghostly Kisses

(CB) it’s True that with the guys Alaclair and Souldia, it plays hard in the rap LabeaumeVille (this is the name of my playlist from Quebec in my computer). It also develops an international electro-pop anglo-quality. With his ethereal voice and his melodies planing, Margaux Saved, alias Ghostly Kisses, is one of the players stars. Pink represents his repertoire exportable. More than ten million listens on Spotify, don’t lie.

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Champagne, Liana

Liana Office

(SG) I finish my selection with an artist, so bubbly that the title of his last extract. Despite media coverage to The Voice in 2015, Liana has taken his time to shape his musical identity. The result ? Urban music that combines R&B and soul, carried by the gentle voice and warm artist uninhibited.

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I Get It Now, Fjord

(CB) this is what I feared, we missed several very good. I would have loved to include Pascale Picard, Gabrielle Shonk, Karim Ouellet, but I’d wanted to ignore I Get It Now. 1 – Because I’ve really listened to repetition, and 2 – because Thomas Casault, half of this duo, electro, is also a restaurateur who sells the best sushi in town. Sting and Peter Gabriel can attest to.

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