Songs Pro-Western Slavs. False agitation in bright packaging

Песни прозападных славян. Лживая агитка в яркой упаковке

© the Party:VodnikKnown Ukrainian group “Tanok on the Maidan of Congo” (TNMK) gave the network a five-minute music video, rap-patter was presented as to the history of Ukraine in its current official version.The song is called “History of Ukraine for the next five minutes.” The video received a lot of popularity and is a good chance that their country’s past, the youth will present on this recitative.

TNMK — professional musicians with great experience and, of course, tried to make a hit: hard catchy rhythm, varied presentation of the material, good animation. From this point of view, the enthusiasm of the Ukrainian public is quite natural. It is not clear whether you have ears to hear?

What in the song the refrain is repeated Bandera “Glory to Ukraine/glory to the Heroes” (the local version of “Sieg Heil”), it is not surprising: the identification of the cry of the nationalists was to postmastership greeting official, and in the song this cry is clearly designed to support the hall. Much more interesting the actual content of the song’s energetic pace intense propaganda nonsense.It is clear that from the beginning of creation to the honorable inhabitants of Ukraine within the Trypillians, Cimmerians. For modern Ukraine it is the same axiom as the existence of a special “Kievan Rus ‘” instead of just “Rus”. Oh, and then the fun begins: among the enemies of the country — “a Horde of Moscow”, then “Father Bogdan sdruzhila with the king and arguing over garbage”. Modern rappers are much clearer, as it was necessary to rescue the bleeding profusely homeland — most likely just to return to the Lord’s stable on evropeiskie beds. And other Ukrainians to the slave markets of Turkey “fighters” for their “independence” Hetman Vygovskaya and Mazeppa , and so sent the tens of thousands.

Lick of the current rulers also succeeds brilliantly: the authors suddenly begin to extol the beauty of the girls of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Just have to add that this University is the main producer subservient to the ruling elite, a provider of “activists” and “sorozat” for both the Maidan, and now its graduates are the backbone of preparing and selling the Ukrainian lands of the government Alexey Goncharuk.

In General, the idea of perfect from TNMK very interesting. “Pushkin is not yet able to speak, but Ivan Kotlyarevsky already wrote “the Aeneid”,” say the authors of the text, as if to imply birthright of Ukrainian culture before the luminary of Russian poetry. Well, first, he Kotlyarevsky was a Russian nobleman and an officer of the Imperial army; secondly, with the same success it is possible to write that while there is no “Aeneid” did not exist, had already composed his ode to Russian poet Lomonosov and Derzhavin. But who will understand such subtleties: muttered into the microphone and drove on.

And further more: “Furious rabies to the Imperial plague — Valuev circular and Emskee decrees”. We are talking about the alleged prohibition to talk to the Russians in the little Russian dialect (separate language officially is not considered).

Modern Ukrainian propaganda considers these acts as an example of suppression of the “freedom-loving aspirations of the Ukrainian people”. In fact, talking was not forbidden (and impossible it was to make, especially in rural areas). During the pacification of the Polish revolt 1863-64 years talking about the ban on the importation from abroad of books that were used by subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Polish origin to foment revolt in right-Bank Ukraine; and the limitation of separatist propaganda under the guise of “national education”, which is actively used by the revolutionaries of all stripes, including terrorists populists. In the political strategy of the government it was a question of linguistic unification of all multinational States, such as the integration of the Baltic States, where Russian language would not be used, crushed vernacular German.But in the same Valuev circular quite were allowed (“in the field of belles-lettres”) edition of literature: the period of validity of the above mentioned acts were printed many of the works of Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky, Panas Mirny, Lesia Ukrainka and other Ukrainian writers. The authors of the song do not see the contradiction between the supposedly “mad” prohibitions and further transfer of many figures of national culture, famous just at this time (and some occupied a very prominent position in Russian society).

Next are generous curse “komunyatskoy plague”. Here we hear stamped “Red terror”, the “Executed Renaissance”, “a gift from Older brother famine.” I would have added a forced ukrainisation imposed in an order of Ukrainian press, huge state support of national culture, the mighty industry that the current “patriots” are so enthusiastically blew.

The alternative to the Bolsheviks is to be expected and in the spirit of the present time — “Heroes”. This railway station is where in 1918 the first shots at the advancing enemy, the commanders of the army of the UNR flee from the Bolsheviks, and their commander Averky Goncharenko subsequently became famous for its SS service to Hitler. By the way about Hitler. It, according to the song, drove invented in the Kharkov T-34 tank (a nod to authors ‘ hometown). The tank itself drove the fascist vermin to Berlin, while attention — “in Volhynia, and the Carpathian forests, fought the rebels on two fronts”. This, as you know, Bandera “partisans” — those who shot in the back of the soldiers of the red army, while empty T-34 drove Hitler to Berlin. These are now Patriotic tales.

And then came (literally) “the Ukrainian Gorbachev” destroyed “prison of Nations”. In fact, the Ukrainians were considered as Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Konstantin Chernenko, who ruled the Soviet Union a large part of the postwar period, but this is the song no words — otherwise the historical concept will not stand. And not for the sake of truth are these “five-minute hate”.And, as expected, in the final event of today: “Heavenly hundred” and the fierce “tyrant” Yanukovych (the rest are in good health hetmans for blasphemy can the authors and filey whip). I remember back in the “Heavenly hundred” for the beautiful figures have been included even killed maydanschikov employee of the office of Party of regions Vladimir Zakharov and portabrace canning jar and ruined by wrong treatment on the Maidan Olga Bura, and hanged on “yolke” Viktor Hamster, and many other innocent accidents. Well, crawling on the ground in Ukraine “notorious” Putin, who resist the true patriots — blowing twist et cetera. The final downhole chords everybody dance!

It is worth Recalling that one of the “founding fathers” of the group TNMK Alexander Sidorenko (nickname Fozzy) is a fanatical supporter of Euromaidan and neo-Nazi volunteer dobrobatov, because the emergence of this kind of agitation is quite natural. In the end, a favorite of Hitler, the talented Director of the documentary “triumph of the will” by Leni Rifenshtal its too Reich served selflessly, so what fozzie and the company worse? In fact they are “professional patriots,” and on the dancer they have many more being talents.

Recently in Lviv, the Nazis caught a street musician and a guitar he smashed to pieces (’cause were singing in Russian); and — tellingly — that freedom-loving intelligentsia word in defense of the musician has not sounded. Perhaps patented patriot fozzie their national peers, even proud. He humiliated Lviv guitarist or the dead children of Donbass — they are in a five-minute timing does not fit.Konstantin Kevorkian

Ancient Ukrecently

Песни прозападных славян. Лживая агитка в яркой упаковке

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