Soon advisors in wine virtual?

Although it has been considered as an ” essential service “, the SAQ has had to juggle the impacts of the pandemic. Five questions to the president and chief executive officer Catherine Dagenais.

Is it that this crisis has had an impact on the supply ?

About 80 % of what we import comes by boat. We work with over 3,000 producers in the world. We’ve had a few producers in France and Italy, which were temporarily closed, but they still had stock. We have been able to secure the majority of our purchases abroad. In general, the inventories are not in danger.

Because of the explosion in online sales, is that the SAQ has expanded its new web site ?

Yes, we want to increase supply. For the next two years, online sales will be at the heart of our activities. In the coming months, we will highlight ratings and comments on the wines. We could also have advisors virtual ? It is something that we look at.

Is it that the SAQ could close branches ?

Each year, we review the relevance of the positioning of our branches. We reduced the average area. The in-store sales still account for close to 96 %. We are not nearly close branches.

What happens to the project of deposit on the glass bottles ?

Even if the timetable has been delayed from the autumn to come, we should set up pilots, in, or in close proximity to our branches. Yes, we want to test the idea of having gobeuses.

Is it that the SAQ intends to pay more dividends to the government this year (1.19 billion $) ?

This is the question to $ 1000. We look at this carefully. It is clear that there are your income with the COVID-19, but we will lose income with the restoration. There are also additional costs.

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