Soon the return of the NASCAR?

Bientôt le retour du NASCAR?

The NASCAR may well be the first competition in north american major to resume its activities since the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has given the green light to the organization.

Through his personal Twitter account, the politician said on Monday that he had discussed with the leaders of NASCAR, and that he “hoped to announce the details soon”. Not giving any specific date, however, it has specified that the activities would take place behind closed doors on the circuit, Texas Motor Speedway.

The president and general manager of the circuit, Eddie Gossage, reacted swiftly by way of a press release to express its support for this project.

“[We] will work aggressively with agencies to sanction and the television networks to give to american society and to the people of the world a distraction positive during this crisis,” one can read.

“A race without spectators is not perfect because in our sport, the fans are the priority. But the circumstances are such that it had to be a different answer for the return.”

The leaders had so far cancelled or postponed all events until 9 may. They had asserted, Friday, that they believe they always have a season of 36 races.

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